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Harshada Priya

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Harpy has a few small scars on her upper cheekbone area, possibly from goggles pressing tight into her face in a high-pressure or high-gravity environment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Harshada Priya passes for Human in casual circumstances, but is in fact Chalactan -- a Near-Human people seldom known to travel from their home planet.
Harshada, however, was special; Harshada was born with the stars in her eyes.
When Harshada came of age, she applied for scholarships to the Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy on Mrlsst. She graduated in the top tenth of her class as an electrical engineer -- but the only job opportunities that would even invite her for an interview were terrible work environments.
In Emperor Palpatine's Galaxy, only humans started at a reasonable level of compensation and responsibility in comparison to their skill.
In the outlaw tech market, however....
"Har Priya" found herself marooned on Tortuga when her employer at the time ran afoul of Captain Teach's laws. Fortunately she happened across Chelle "Stellar" Payton, Cammi "Peggat" Pahlke, and "Hag" Hannigan. The MSE-6 droid serving as their portable vault had just locked up due to a software error and shut itself down, making it impossible for the trio to pay their docking fees and depart; Har knew how to manually disconnect the internal clamps without damaging the repair droid or its contents.
Immediately, the three Medusas christened their new technician friend "Harpy", after the long-departed founder of the pirate clan, and brought her home to the Gorgon.

I’m trying to rewire this slarn-infested mouse ‘droid, Longshot!
Current Location
Year of Birth
12692 39 Years old
Current Residence
long, curly, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
medium dark brown
Aligned Organization

Source idea converted from a computer game called Crimson Skies
by Jordan Weisman and Dave McCoy.
No infringement is intended or implied.


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