Lake Mekub

A massive endorheic lake in the south of the continent, lake Mekub stretches for over 500 kilometers coast to coast in most places. Nestled in the shadow of the Children of Aktar to the east and the smaller Karioun and Wenglas (also referred to as The Far Cousins by the Thaner) to the west and south respectively, the coasts of the Mekub form their own environ, largely sheltered from the outside world by the high peaks. Large enough to have its own tides, to the Makuubi inhabiting the shores, lake Mekub is more sea than lake.


The Makuubi believe that the lake is a physical manifestation of their moon goddess Iver, and the Iverite monasteries dotting the islands are responsible for keeping the goddess placated.


A large, deep lake, the Mekub lies in a great depression in the earth, and is fed by the rivers of three mountain ranges. Many islands dot the surface of the lake and the Makuubi traditionally forbid a prince from claiming any island that they cannot wade to at low tide, reserving the islands for the Iverites.


Located in the south of the continent, lake Mekub is warm and open year-round. Fed from all directions by river inflows, the rain that evaporates from the Mekub rarely makes it outside the mountains that flank it all-around. Though may species native to the lake and its shores are also found elsewhere, the variants found in the Mekub are often peculiar in some way. For example, Mekubian elephants tend to have smaller ears and longer trunks than the elephants found west of the Karioun, and are better swimmers.


The low waters of the shores of the Mekub tend to be rich in algae, and even have floating islands of moss and other plant matter, while the shores are home to many species home to the warm southern plains, such as hippos. Great marine predators are notably absent in the lake despite the great stocks of fish in the deep waters. Though a lake, the Mekub is saline enough to not support many of the creatures of the rivers.


Lake Mekub is large enough to experience tides and regularly experiences great thunderstorms. Even cyclones are not unknown to the region.

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