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An umbrella term for the predominantly human peoples living on the shores of the great inland sea Mekub, the Makuubi are connected by the water, by custom, and by religion, but divided by country and tribe. Organized into dozens of states and tribes on the shores of the Mekub, the Makuubi are known as cattle herders and salt miners, and many of the major cities on the shores of the Mekub have been founded on salt.   Among the Makuubi, two types of social organization dominate. One is the old order of pastoral cattle-herders, generally led by hereditary chiefs. Clan affiliation has historically been loose, with sub-groupings breaking off and joining other tribes. These clans however are increasingly under the influence of the princes who lead most major Makuubi cities. Structured similarly to the Runberi, the cities dominate the agricultural land in their periphery and frequently derive their power from a local salt monopoly. The princes tend to be hereditary, but lead in concert with a council of other local power-brokers, exercising influence over the rural chiefs of the countryside.


Shared customary codes and values

The Makuubi are known to be outwardly welcoming, and unfailingly positive. Nicknamed the "People of the Sun" both for this trait and the sun-worshipping religion practiced by most of them (Marseism). The ideal Makuubi is full of joy, self-reliant, and uncomplaining. It is not proper to ask for help, but help must be offered. Consequently, Makuubi are regarded by outsiders as very hospitable, but also insincere and two-faced, as any compliment might be backhanded.   The Makuubi highly value polymathism, believing that one should occupy one's time with a variety of interests, and be good at many of them. They believe that strong communities are formed by the strength of their individuals, best exemplified by the saying "A strong roof has a hundred pillars."

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The Makuubi are known to practice sun-worship and cremation, and most major celebrations involve the lighting of pyres. Though many Makuubi no longer herd cattle, it is still common to hear wealth measured in cows and herds rather than coins. Makuubi leaders and dignitaries can generally be identified by their pure white turbans and robes, and gold jewelry.

Diverged ethnicities
Related Organizations
Related Myths

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