Nathaniel Masters

Let Today Burn, Tomorrow Belongs to Us

Spirel cries out for the one thing none of you can offer. It doesn't need your hollow promises of hope, it doesn't need your dogged defense of the helpless. It cries out to be ruled. It begs us to take away the burden of freedom they have to bear. I've heard your pleas and I'm here to answer them. iI will be your savior.
— Nathanial Masters
The organization known as Kraken was once the most dangerous threat that Ironrise faced. And, during the Great War, Ironrise rose to the challenge destroyed its enemy. Yet, in recent years the Kraken symbol has been appearing all across the land at the sites of horrific atrocities. Bombings, assassinations, attacks on governmental institutions. All of this heralds the return of Kraken and its new leader, Nathanial Masters.
What little is known of Masters is that he hails the ivory peaks of Port Shatter's wealthiest parish. Masters became fascinated with the tenants of Kraken during his time studying abroad. He met with veterans of the war, spoke with ex-Kraken agents and became obsessed with the idea that Kraken could have succeeded if not for their incompetent leadership. The vision they had for Spirel, one where a strong central authority could reshape the future without the crushing weight of bureaucracy getting in the way, was one that Masters believed he could bring to fruition.
One of Kraken's moral pillars is the idea of destiny, that the future of great men and women is etched into the fabric of reality. Destiny is inevitable and a sin to stand against. The signs are clear, he is such a man and his destiny is resurrect Kraken, drown the world in war and fire, and reforge the survivors into a new, perfect society. There will be casualties but the second pillar of Kraken is clear on that as well ... the future has no place for the inferior.

Closest Allies

Masters relies heavily on his agents to impose the ideals of Kraken across Spirel. His favorite agent to unleash is Lenore Craven who take a sickening delight in her work. He's cautious though to keep her busy. Should Lenore be left idle for too long its possible she could turn on him like a rabid dog.



Mary Coldridge and Agatha Rutledge offer the greatest opposition to Masters' organization. Mary hunts the agents of Kraken ruthlessly. The Bolton Company fought alongside the armies of Ironrise against the original incarnation of Kraken decades ago and the idea that they could rise again disgusts them. Agatha on the other hand knows that there is no place in the future offered by Kraken for the Church of Enarch. During the Great War Kraken sought to destroy the Church because its message ran counter to the idea of destiny and Kraken's place in it. For her, killing Masters is the only way to preserve the Church's safety.


Nathanial Masters is an Aggressor character with a focus in Mission Specialization. Masters is a very unconventional bruiser thanks to his special ability, I Have No Rival. It pushes him to be the foil to every Hero when they're trying to accomplish their Endeavors and Side Quests. By beating Heroes at their own challenges Masters grows stronger while edging his opponents closer to their breaking point.
Masters greatest weakness is his reliance on a constant flow of asset cards to make him a viable opponent to the Heroes. If he's unable to get the cards in hand to succeed in challenges then his Special Ability is wasted. His low Ingenuity stat doesn't make Asset cards any easier. He does not have a particularly high Persistence either. His ego is easily bruised and a concentrated effort on the part of the Heroes can easily break his will.
Masters Backer

Masters stats
Proclamation Parish - Port Shatter
Masters and Mary


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