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The Senate is the upper house of the legislative branch of the Federal Republic's government, this institution is central to the Republic since it is its vote that is necessary for a host of government processes, but his mostly advisory role has often keep this institution away from the public eye.


The Senate is headed by the President of the Senate who is in charge of managing the Senate's administration, nomitating a « speaker » to deal with proceedings during Senate sessions, he also has the very important role of appointing several leaders of independent organizations who have a controlling role over the government.


Made up of 500 senators who represent approximately 288 million people in a sector, they are appointed by the President on the recommendation of the sector Parliament which elects a candidate from the three choices of the governor for a eight years term. It can be renewed for a maximum of three times if the Parliament of the sector votes in majority to keep the Senator in place at the end of each term, if this is not the case, an election will be launched.

The sector which is concerned by all this process is determined by the Federal Electoral Commission. Indeed, the number of senators allocated to each sector is determined by the Federal Electoral Commission. Unlike Parliament, the process of appointing senators results in an almost zero presence of traditional political parties, the divide being much more at the level of belonging to its sector, but there can still be groups that can be created throughout the proposals.


The Senate is responsible for three organizations which have the aim of controlling the government and above all of counter-power to issue constructive criticism. These are the Office of the Federal Civil Service, the Office of the Ombudsman of the Republic and the Office of the Auditor General of the Republic, their leaders are appointed by the President of the Senate from candidates coming from the Office of the Federal Civil Service.

Four federal commissions also depend on the Senate for the appointment of their leaders, but they remain independent in their operation and the criticisms of the government that they could make. One of the most important is that which is responsible for the budget of the entire legislative branch of government, the latter must be approved by the Senate and the Parliament of the Republic before being enacted, but this is often only a formality.

Public Agenda

The role of the Senate is to exercise a supervisory role over the activities of Parliament, study draft laws to propose improvements and judge their constitutionality. However, it has more of an advisory role and can use his veto power on a bill solely on the pretext of its unconstitutionality or that it would violate the rights of citizens.


The Senate sits in New York where the building that accommodates these hundreds of senators was built, the building is called the People House is located next to the old building of the ancient United Nations. The headquarters of this former earthly organization is now a museum which is very popular with tourists visiting New York. The building is recognized within the Republic for its unique architecture that stands out from the rest of New York.

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