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Marianne del Inerelle

Princess Marianne del Inerelle

Marianne del Inerell was a princess to the kingdom of Baradolia. Being the first born daughter, he rmarriage with the second son of the God-King Gorom the Enlightened of Ethoras, Anatus Principas, was considered a strong signal for a political alliance. The betrothal and marriage came in very sudden and fast succession and only a simple arrangement was suspected.

Marianne was of a very charming personality and she had a great perception and magical talent. People expected greatness and gracefulness of her, if she had not perished during the events of The Unfaithful Year in the destruction of Ethoras.

It is not known by many that she and her husband Anatus shared a common interest in the fallen god Zecod. Marianne was instrumental in the founding of the Spears of Zecod

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Marianne is slender and of fair build, thin but in good control of her body and movement. She has good posture and moves gracefully.

Identifying Characteristics

Marianne has a small birthmark on the left side of her neck.

Special abilities

Marianne was extraordinaly adapt in most magic concering Stillstand and Repulsion and was able to develop a self-defence fighting technique with it that would surprise any attacker
Dark grey
Long flowing dark blonde hair


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