Megethia di Teminaedus

Princess Megethia di Teminaedus

Megethia di Teminaedus was princess to the Holy Domain Keandra and got married in her early twenties to the first son of God-King Gorom the Enlightened of Ethoras, Canum Principas.

Although considered by onlookers as an arranged marriage, both Canum and Megethia were very much in love from early childhood years on.

Megethia was a person who would stand up for what she believed was right and it was not far from her to take matters into her own hands. So did she play an integral role within the growing resistance against an uprising Zecod cult in The Unfaithful Year and leaidng a charge on th epalace, breaking her husband out of emprisonment.

It was in part on her initiative that almost thousand people flew into the mountains in the north, unknowingly saving their lives from the upcoming destruction.

Unfortunatly she perished during the events late in the year 1289 and her image was tarnished due to the actions attributed to her husband and his brother and father.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Her chin is rather square and she has a slightly crooked tooth, because of which she rarely smiles.

Physical quirks

If nervous or angered, she tends to lift her hand to her mouth and press her indexfinger against her crooked tooth.

Biological Sex
Hazel, big eyes
Black long hair, bound to a bun


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