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Material Characteristics

There are two types of Lacrimite - smoky and clear. Both types are olive green in color. The smoky variant looks like it has a haze on the inside, which can make fascinating visual effects in jewelry. The clear variant lacks this haze, and is often possible to see through. The smoky variant has been found in sizes up to 3 cm in length, while the clear ones are almost never larger than 1 cm.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Lacrimmite is the central gem in the Tear of Enarias, an important piece of jewelry in the Nation of Enarion.


When used for decoration Lacrimite is often cut to enhance its beauty. This should be done by experienced gemcutters, since it's a delicate process where one wrong cut will lessen the value of the gemstone considerably.

Manufacturing & Products

Lacrimite is almost exclusively used for decoration of items. This is usually done in the form of jewelry, but there are also some other items that are encrusted with the gemstone, like ornate drinking cups and decorative swords.


Trade & Market

Both the smoky variant and the clear variant is expensive, and only rarely sold in ordinary markets. The clear variant is especially hard to find, and trying to find a clear Lacrimite that's larger than 5 mm anywhere is almost impossible.

To find a Lacrimite for sale, the best bet is either to go to the Trading District in Lenthir or Curiosity Street in Elmazar. With luck the gemstone can be found in markets in the other larger cities of the world as well, but the chances are very slim.
Smoky: Uncommon
Clear: Extremely rare
Olive green
Common State
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