Dwarven Whiskey


Extremely important for their culture, Dwarven Whiskey is the alcohol of choice for the Dwarves of Shireon. It's drunk at every kind of celebration, from grand cultural festivals to small personal milestones.

Whiskey Customs

Dwarves have made Whiskey for a really long time. As with most culturally important things that has been around for ages, there are numerous customs following the making and consumption of this beverage.

Don't share the recipe with people of other humanoid species and only let other humanoid species drink Dwarven Whiskey in Dwarven company. These customs are rooted in the Dwarven belief that other humanoid species can't behave themselves around alcohol. Dwarves will never drink themselves into a stupor, preferring to just sip at one or two drinks for a whole evening. As most other humanoids don't have such a strong cultural significance in drinking to enjoy the taste, not the effect, Dwarves see other humanoids as slightly rude and uncivilized. And since Whiskey is intended for civilized company, there should be at least one Dwarf in every setting where Whiskey is consumed to make sure everyone involved behave in a manner that's respectful for the revered drink.

Never drink Whiskey alone. Whiskey is made to be shared with whoever you're celebrating with. This is closely connected to the rule to always make comments about the flavor profile, especially if the comments are positive. Who would you discuss the complex flavors with when you're drinking alone?

Always drink Whiskey at the right temperature and from a fitting glass. When you're about to drink a highly sophisticated beverage for a special occasion, you should make sure the conditions are right to make the flavors show their true complexity and depth. The glass usually used to drink Dwarven Whiskey is shaped in a way that will force the aroma towards the drinker's nose. Smell is an important part of the experience, after all.

Whiskey and Other Humanoids

Since the Dwarves are so adamant about not letting other humanoids drink Dwarven Whiskey unsupervised it's no surprise that there's a certain demand for the drink among other humanoids, especially among nobles, collectors and the Ravenous Ravens. Other breweries around Shireon have tried remaking this beverage with little luck since the ingredients is a well-guarded secret. Since the Dwarves refuse to sell Whiskey to anyone else the Ravenous Ravens are thrilled every time they manage to acquire a bottle or two since they go for a small fortune on the black market.
Note to all Ravenous Ravens:
The one who can get me a bottle of Dwarven Whiskey first will get a hefty bonus.
Raven Lord
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Related ethnicities
Only made and consumed in Dwarven communities
Might be found in some black markets

Notable Distilleries

Achendai Distillery - Considered the best distillery in the Peaks of Heavens area.

Fairalan Distillery - Considered the best distillery in the Frozen Mountains area.

Whiskey Glass

Such a noble drink as Dwarven Whiskey needs to be enjoyed from a glass of the highest quality. Although many Dwarven glassblowers make their own Whiskey glass, only the glass from Dygrain Glassworks is considered good enough for the most sophisticated experience.

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Author's Notes

Written for a Lightning Challenge by PatheticBarrel:

What Materials or Items are heavily regulated in one part of your world but not others and why?

It was great to finally get this idea down, and I realize I need to get more dwarf related lore up on WorldAnvil soon. I've neglected my mountain-dwelling snobs for too long.

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Ooooooh yesss, my drink of choice. So I was just gonna like it and I noticed you mentioned the glasses used. If you use any kind of Irish or Scottish nomenclature in your world or around the dwarves, you can safely call ot a Glencairn glass which is what you have pictured. Now I assume you know what it is and that you can use that but on the chance, u didn't I wanted to throw it out there. Also, typo in that paragraph. You said smmell, :) good luck!

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