Headhunters | A Shadowrun One-Shot


While this one-shot was written with Shadowrun in mind, it can be played in any modern or cyberpunk setting. Sample Characters can be found here.
While laying low in the UNL, the runners are contacted by their Fixer. Apparently a Herr Brackhaus wishes to meet them. At the meet, Herr Brackhaus explains that he needs the team to extract a software developer from Regulus Joint Industries for him. Said developer, Caspar Satrium, has 'excellent analysis skills' that Saeder-Krupp wishes to put to better use.   In reality, Herr Brackhaus is Caspar's uncle. He has been spying on his nephew for several years, to make sure Caspar doesn't run into dangerous situations. Recently he overheard Caspar wonder about odd data analysis results. Worried that his nephew ran into a dirty secret that could get him killed, he's chosen to extract Caspar from Regulus Joint Industries.

Caspar Satrium

Birth Year
Mental Bioware
Software Developer
Overly clever
Caspar Satrium is a software developer with family ties in both the UNL and the AGS. Too good at his job, Caspar frequently writes supporting scripts that help him analyze data and identify problems. Recently his scripts informed him of some strange corrupted data, which he's been analyzing in his spare time to figure out the root cause.   Little does he know, this corrupted data is connected to his boss's illicit operations. Said boss, Jimmy Morris, is an infiltrant for a secret nefarious faction. The corrupted data is what's left of Jimmy cleaning up his tracks. If he were to find out he left some evidence behind, he'd go to extreme lengths to eliminate every liability. Turns out that Caspar's uncle has better intuition than even he realises.

The Run
At this point, nobody at Regulus has realised Caspar knows too much. This makes it relatively easy to extract him, the team just has to observe and find an opportune situation where he's not commuting with others and without security nearby. Approaches could be as simply as drugging his coffee, or knocking him out when he takes a bathroom break.   On their way to the safehouse, the team is redirected by Herr Brackhaus to a Streetdoc. Officially to check Caspar for any tracking chips, in reality to verify his health and safety. Meanwhile, drek is hitting the fan. Investigating his employee's disappearance, Jimmy finds the corrupted data that Caspar had found. At this point, he calls in some elite security to clean up his mess.
Herr Brackhaus
Job Type
Regulus Joint Industries Hitsquads
Base Rewards
¥18,000 each (originally ¥6,000)
7 Karma
Word on the street
"Regulus always has been messy with their data. No wonder their previous incarnation got kicked out of the country."
"That ingrate of a Caspar has ignored my good will and is trying to frame me for his own crimes of embezzlement. Kill him."
"All I know is that the data was deleted hard, to the point that it left traceable physical markers on the disks!"
"We didn't start this fight. But we're finishing it now. Try us again, and next time not even the ring remains standing."

The Complications
At the Streetdoc, the team suddenly finds out their safehouse was just blown up. Their employer contacts them and informs them Caspar's boss has sent out hitsquads to eliminate him. Herr Brackhaus offers to triple their pay if they can get Caspar to safety.   There are three main ways the runners can achieve this goal. The first is to smash through a roadblock and utterly destroy one of the hitsquads, making Caspar too expensive to hunt down. The second way is faking Caspar's death in a public display. The third? Eliminate Jimmy Morris at his office, surrounded by various security measures.
The Aftermath
Caspar is safely recruited by Saeder-Krupp and relocated, a fact that soon leaks out. When Jimmy's bosses find out about the mess, they have Jimmy eliminated if the players haven't already done so. Some parts of Regulus Joint Industries are far from pleased with the runners. Others wish to hire them in the future.   As for the real plans and identity of the eliminated Judas, for now that information has been lost. Nobody ever realised there was more than mere corruption at play, so currently Regulus Joint Industries and others are still dancing to the real culprit's tune...


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Apr 4, 2022 12:49 by Chris L

Love the layout and the theme here. Sounds like a fun adventure.

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Apr 4, 2022 13:05 by Michael Chandra

Thanks! I developed this one-pager template for when I made my Secret Project proposal. I really like it so here it is with some publicly available material!

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This is very awesome!

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Apr 19, 2022 23:17 by Michael Chandra

Glad you like it!

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Apr 27, 2022 23:14

I laughed at describing his personality as "Overly clever". This is a good run - I have a question though on how you would handle this - if you would run this as a GM, do you intend that the average shadowrunner team notices the plot that Brackhaus is trying to hide from them? How do you see this playing out?

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Apr 28, 2022 07:36 by Michael Chandra

Hm... I think I'd let people with the right abilities roll tests to realize he's worried and appears to be personally involved (Judge Intentions, Assensing). I know my players would ask questions, and then I'd likely roll Composure for Brackhaus to see if he goes 'look we're recruiting him, just get him and keep him safe' or breaks and confesses his concerns.

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May 1, 2022 05:53

Nicely written - clear and concise. I haven't played Shadowrun in 20 years, so this was a fun blast from the past. :)

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Originally I designed this format for a run proposal, it really works well for personal notes or oneshots. It was fun to design.

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