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Sample Characters


These 14 Sample Characters offer a decent variety of options. To download them, just click the icon next to their name. They are accompanied with a brief explanation on what they are all about.   These characters were made with Herolab Online, a commercial character creation tool that includes default dicepools. This makes it easier for someone to check how much they roll, as they don't have to look up the attribute rating and add that to the skill rating themselves.


There are 3 main categories. Street Samurai are individuals that depend on implants to be more competent in combat, well-suited for newbies.   Magic characters includes those that primarily cast spells or summon spirits, but also adepts that use innate magic to buff themselves.   Then there's the gather-bin of advanced miscellaneous characters, namely the hacking Decker and Technomancer, the drone-controlling Rigger, and the smooth-talking Face.

Street Samurai

Ace - Street Samurai
Ace is a female human with a mechanical arm and eyes. She has a bad rep on the streets, but doesn't care much as she sneaks up on people before knocking them out.
Slick - B&E Expert
Your best call if you want to break in somewhere, Slick is a male elf who comes with both the tools and know-how on how to get past security mechanisms.
Gunner - Mercenary
A male dwarf that likes to blow things up, Gunner knows his way around a coffee pot as well as the outdoors. His heavy weapons allow him to rain death down-range.
Hammer - Tank
Hammer is a male ork who knows how to deal and take a punch. He knows the streets, and isn't afraid to prove it. If you're getting shot at, you definitely want him there to soak the bullets.


Slim - Combat Mage
Hated by electronics and loved by magic, Slim is a male troll that gets up close and personal. After buffing himself, he uses combat spells and spirits to tear apart his foes.
Ice - Face Mage
Ice is a male elf of the shamanic tradition, who is good with a smile, spellslinging, and bringing spirits along. But don't bother giving him a gun, he sucks at using those.
Night - Mysid
A Mystic Adept whose powers and spells are all about infiltrating and fighting, Night is a female human who is excellent with her monofilament whip.
Chief - Summoner
A female human, Chief is AmerIndian and proud of it, wearing the feathers she has earned wherever she goes. She prefers guns to fight alongside her Air Spirits.
Snoops - Sorcerer
Snoops, a male ork, has a sharp mind and a lot of supportive spells, for both detection and infiltration. He uses these to pay the bills for his wife and children.
Blade - Physical Adept
Skilled with throwing weapons and a sword, Blade is a male human that doesn't bother with guns. Grenades and knives are all he needs. He dislikes tech, and it dislikes him.

Device Experts & Socialites

Ghost - Decker
This male dwarf has got your devices' back, protecting you from attacks and hacking your enemies. He also can patch you up if needed. When needed.
Wheels - Rigger
A female human who uses her drones to keep an eye out for threats, then gun them down. She'll gladly fight through them, inbetween her drinks.
Code - Technomancer
A decent hacker, this male human uses his strange abilities and compiled Sprites to hack the opposition. But keep him away from a social gathering if you don't want him to crack.
Smiley - Face
This male troll is unparalleled at using his silver tongue to cut a deal or deceive. He can help in a fight, but his main strength is at the table. Helps pay for his drug addiction.


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