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The Veil and the Void

My learned friend,   I write to share of a trouble that I hope you can help me with. I am far from The Academy at New Lafaelle here in Omberstad, and access to the library is something I sorely miss. I hope you can help investigate this matter and send me what you may.   It has to do with ancient lore from well before The Destruction, and even before the Schism. The myths of the Elderkin that talk about the Banishment of the Elder Gods, when they created the Veil to imprison them in the Void beyond. I know this is sensitive, but please trust me. Even within these false doctrines may be found clues to the Creator's Will.   Our Church of the Faceless teaches that the Veil has been held aloft throughout the millenia by the Preserver, but that during the Destruction it was pierced by the hubris of our own kin, and the Multitude of Godlings that were unleashed. In that moment of cataclysm it was weakened, and some fear that in place it lies in tatters.   We have heard of people who claim to have have glimpsed what lies beyond, and they are reported to be a strange and damaged lot. Their eyes dark where once they shone, their minds gone numb, and their words a babble of spit and chatter.   Recently, I have spoken to one such and that is why i write to you, my learned friend, for your assistance and advice.   He is a broken fellow that we fished out of the Uferbrech Sea not long after the disasterous Drowning at Telela. From what we gather he somehow made it into the Gyre itself, a feat supposedly impossible or at least suicidal.   He appears physically sound, but is oblivious to those around him. His eyes match the descriptions we have heard, and his madness is unnerving to observe. We care for him as best we can, but it is quite hard. He is quite agitated, and he mutters incessently under his breath in a language none understand. But two words I do recognise, those I think I recall from those old texts about the Veil and the Void that sit in the library.   This poor man repeats the words over and over:   "Ghul Drazul."   I write to you now in the hope you can shed some of the Preserver's light on what these words mean. I fear they portend ill tidings, but I hope what you find may allay my fears or at least provide us with something that can help this poor soul.   Yours in service,
Grace a letter from the Masked Grace to a colleague in New Lafaelle.


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