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Kholkosi was one of the Lords of Fire, and the only Lord to have died at the hands of one of their own - a trusted Dek Keeper of The Flaming Brand, a much younger Tasido Diamond.   The murder occured while Kholkosi was away from The Gleaming City, visiting The Tangled Fathoms in the hope of securing lucrative trade deals with the underwater peoples. Somehow, during the voyage upon the ocean, Tasido had managed to overcome his conditioning, and turn the entire Dek under his command upon their own Lord.   The other survivors of the Dek reported that Tasido had used their collective power to sever the Lord's God Tethering, and once severed, Tasido then burned the boat around them. Tasido is reported to have watched as the floundering Lord simply drowned under the waves while the severed Godling fled for its freedom.   The surviving Dek members were then cast adrift by Tasido, who himself escaped beneath the waves.   The Godling that escaped has since resurfaced, deep in the deserts of Ardi-Kokufa. It is known as the Dead Lord Kholkosi and has amassed a new following among the bands of warlords there.   When alive, Kholkosi was renowned for hosting excessive parties where those invited would partake in gluttonous hedonism for many, many hours at a time.   He was also fond of the most exotic of hired help, which included servents from across Shadowfire - both bodyservents, and most controversely, living slaves. This was where he found Tasido Diamond, who was taken as a slave, and presented at parties as a rare curiousity - a denizon of the Tangled Fathoms deep in the domain of the Lords of Fire.   His weird affection for those under his control was his downfall, as he sponsored Tasido to become a Disciple of the Flame, all the while thinking Tasido loyal to him. How Tasido overcame his conditioning as a member of the Flaming Brand who had undergone the Feast of Welding is a mystery, as it should have been impossible.

Divine Domains

When he was alive, Kholkosi was a patron of feasts and excess in the Gleaming City. He was a supporter of the Shroom farmers of the Stonesky, and had many followers as far afield as the Shimmerlands. His worshippers tithed the best of the their wares and wines, in return for boons granted that would ensure the health and fecundity of their crops.
Year of Death
2946 AD
Circumstances of Death
Murdered by Tasido Diamond

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