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Dead Lord Kholkosi

The Dead Lord Kholkosi is the Godling that was set free upon the murder of the Lord of Fire Kholkosi at the hands of Tasido Diamond. It is an event that has not been seen since the Golding Wars that culminated in The Destruction.   It is known that when the Godling fled the murder scene upon the waters of The Tangled Fathoms, it was much weakened by its sudden untethering. Members of The Flaming Brand who were tasked with tracking it, lost it somewhere as it crossed the Devilspine mountains, seeking its way back to The Gleaming City.   The Godling never arrived at the city, and many hoped that it had dissipated. Others knew better though. They knew that the outpouring of grief from the many worshippers and followers of Kholkosi would be channeled to his Godling, and rather than be weakened, it was instead renewed with new power. Unlike when the Godling was thethered to the Fire Lord, the devotion was no longer of adulation, instead, from the many hundreds of follower came waves of grief, anger and a desire for revenge.   This is where conjecture reigns, as the transformation of the Godling into the ruler of The City with a Million Limbs and its legions of Soulhusk Chimeras can only be guessed at.  

A new power in the wastes

Witnesses who survived have seen the Godling, who now calls itself the Dead Lord, and it is unmistakeble in its likeness of the original Kholkosi. But it is wasted, gaunt. So unlike the plump gluttonous form of its progenitor.   Since it survived, it has saught out new worshippers in the army of Chimeras it has attracted to its banner, and The City with a Million Limbs they reside in stalks the foothills of the Devilspine Mountains.   As yet, no large scale assult has occured, but many fear it is only a matter of time. The Dead Lord knows the strength of the Lords of Fire in the Gleaming City, so it bides its time. The vengeance that drives it will come once its armies of Soulhusk Chimeras is strong enough. In the meantime it raids along the length of Godswollen River to spread the terror that adds to its own strength of will and magic.
Divine Classification

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