Origin: Derros are a nauseating magical hybrid between humans and dwarves creating by Greymoria to act as a scourge to those who scorned her in the Third Age, especially but not limited to dwarves.   History and Distribution: The majority of derro dwell underneath the northern mountains of West Colassia hiding in the periphery of the dwarven homeland of Meckelorn. Some Derro have migrated south to haunt the catacombs in and around the Dwarf nation of Stahlheim. Derro have not migrated beyond the continent of West Colassia in any significant numbers.   Lifecycle and Society: Derro dislike bright lights and nearly always live underground. Depending on food supplies, Derro either live in nomadic bands or permanent warrens. Bands typically number from five to twelve adults members. Warrens typically number from ten to a hundred adult members. On average, there is one child or adolescent per five adults. Derro take about thirty years to mature into adults. Derro can survive up to four hundred years but very few Derro survive to old age. Derro mate opportunistically, monogamy is alien to them.   All derro are incurably insane and filled with malice. They can usually rein in their impulses around their own kind but not perfect, especially when large groups are concerned. Larger groups almost invariably erupt into violence eventually until their population is less than a hundred individuals   Derro are hostile to all non-derro and especially loathe humans and dwarves. Derro favor dirty fighting and are masters of stealth. A great many derro are skilled herbalists who specialize in poisons. A large minority of derro have an innate talent for sorcery, but few derro are especially powerful spell casters.   Religious Practices: Derro worship Greymoria exclusively. She is viewed as their creator who gives them power and known by a variety of names and titles, most commonly the Dark Mother. Derro piety doesn’t run especially deep. Prayers are personal and brief as a rule. Very few derro become priests or divine spell casters.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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