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Rullara People

The Rullara people are found in the far north. They have been siida, reindeer herders, for millenia. They are a short people with a warm ivory skin tone, ebony black hair and pale blue eyes. They live in small clans and believe themselves to be guided by the spirit of the reindeer. They do not advertise this belief very widely as the accepted religion in the Empire Viero is not one that recognizes the divinity of animistic sprits.
The Rullara are seal hunters and fishers. They excel at surving in the harsh arctic conditions of the tundra stretching from Rocaille to the Cradle of Ice and across the continent to the Frozen Sea.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Named for the animistic spirits that they believe guide their clans, each Rullara is part of a small clan. Examples include "silver sided salmon", "ice badger" and so forth.

Major organizations

The Snow Council is the ruling organization of the Rullara. Those who show an aptitude for the Drums become members of the Snow Council. The elders of the Council stay in a permanent camp close to Rocaille while the younger members journey throughout Laroche Duchy to enact the will of the Council.
The Snow Council have a strange relationship with the Duke of Laroche Duchy. The Duke has a seat in the Snow Council, but is also the liege of Laroche and as such could in theory command the council. In practice, there has occasionally been friction between these two powers in the Northern Duchy.

Related Organizations

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