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Rocaille presented a surreal vision, rising out of the green meadow to reach for the cerulean sky with its fluted towers. Yellow daffodils shone amongst the longer grasses and perfumed the whole scene in the glorious scent of lazy summer days. The fortress’s pink granite majesty gleamed in the warm sunlight, polished to smoothness by centuries on this quiet lakeshore. From the centermost of three towers the de la Roche serpent flew, a glittering blue jewel against the blushing flesh of the castle.  
Rocaille Fortress in Summer by Roberto Viacava


Extremely hard to reach in any season other than summer. Even in summer, the pass leading up the Jarvis mountains is narrow and can be held with minimal men.


During the winter the castle experiences a full week of darkness around the Winter Equinox. It is in this hard to reach location so that the Dukes of Laroche have easy access to the Snow Council of the Rullara people.
Alternative Name(s)
The Pink Palace
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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