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Vampires are creatures that thrive on blood, the force of creatures it is from that which they derive life… or simply pleasure.

Vampire is a hypernym used to refer to a number of creatures that thrive on blood, which contains their victims' life force. Despite popular folklore and myths, most vampires are not undead creatures with an aversion to garlic, silver, sunlight, and running water; Death Vampires are the significant exception to this.   Unknown to most vampires are not native to Runetalras, but instead native to Styclas another world on the Prime Material Plane.  

Vampire Categories

  There are three categories of vampires each of which contain a variety of species. Greater Vampires are those which possess higher functioning minds being able to easily communicate with mortal races, Lesser Vampires are those who have a bestial nature and are prone to violance, and Death Vampires undead creatures who are the source of most vampire myths and folklore.  

Greater Vampires

  These vampires possess a level of intelligence comparable to or greater than most of the mortal races. Some of these creatures drink blood to sustain themselves, while others only do so for enjoyment - in the same way members of the mortal races drink alcohol. Many of these creatures are capable of appearing as a member of the mortal races and blend in within cities, towns, or villages; all species within this category are able to speak and even converse, in various languages, with the mortal races.    
  • Alp
  • Bruxa
  • Katakan
  • Mula
  • Nosferat

Lesser Vampires

  These vampires are bestial in nature, they hunt and drink the blood of other creatures to survive. They are capable of planning traps and working with other creatures, but lack the capability to communicate with other races.  
  • Ekimmara
  • Fleder
  • Garkain
  • Nekurat
  • Plumard
  • Vargheist
  • Varghulf

Death Vampires

  These vampires are the source of most myths and folklore throughout Runetalras, this is despite Death Vampires being almost extinct until 533:Conquest and the reemergence of the Avatar of Orcus. They are, unlike other vampires, undead creatures, and they must drink blood to survive. They are weak to running water and sunlight, and are also sensitive to garlic and silver.    
  • Uyper

Notable Vampires

  Sakrath von Feldorth Agrath- Higher Vampire - Became Court Vampire of Velfauna after assisting the Heroes of Velfauna reclaim Velfauna during the Days of the False King and the Thaxnorian Occupation of Velfauna. Also assisted the Heroes of the Free States during the Wars of Undeath.   Hugarth- Higher Vampire - Entered the service of the Avatar of Orcus and pledged to open the Silver Gates beneath Velfauna. Defected to help the Heroes of the Free States when they were able to assist him. Fought with the Heroes of the Free States during the Wars of Undeath.   Kanular- Orcus-touched vampire - A commander of the Avatar of Orcus’ forces during the Wars of Undeath. Killed by the Heroes of the Free States when they used Gate to transport and ambush him in the Elemental Plane of Air.
Orcus-Touched Vampire
Nosferat in their bat form

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