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Orcus-touched vampire

'Orcus-touched vampires are the things of nightmares and folktales, they must drink the blood of others, and are capable of spreading their curse to others.' - Perr Dithine

Orcus-touched vampires, unlike other vampires, are not a race or species, instead Orcus-touched Orcus-touchedare capable of spreading their curse creating others of their kind; although it is believed that each Orcus-touched vampires can only spread their curse a few times.   Most races are believed to be able to be turned into a Orcus-touched vampire, and the process is always said to be painful and disorienting.   Once the curse is passed to another creature they become an undead who must drink the blood of the living to sustain themselves. These vampires gain the ability to dominate a creature with just their gaze, control certain beasts, limited shape changing powers, and become difficult to truly kill.   The Curse of Orcus-touched vampires also comes with significant downsides. They become weak to running water and sunlight, cannot enter a building without being invited, and have an aversion to garlic and silver. It is from these vampires that the myths and folklore prevalent throughout Runetalras has developed.   History   It is believed that Orcus-touched vampires were once present throughout much of Runetalras, as myths and folklore concerning them have spread far and wide. It is certainly true that during the Age of Blood Orcus-touched vampires played an important role in the armies of the Avatar of Orcus and brought about long nights. In the aftermath of the Age of Blood, stories of vampires were few and far between with many believing the curse had been brought to an end.   Rumours of vampires began to surge once more in the 520s:Contempt, but it was with the Wars of Undeath in 532-533:Contempt that Orcus-touched vampires came to the fore of Runetalras once more. They served loyal and effective minions for the Avatar of Orcus executing its foul will. Whilst the Avatar of Orcus was defeated the Orcus-touched vampires did not disappear as they did after the Age of Blood, and have since served as reminder and curse for all of Runetalras.  

Noteable Vampires

  Kanular- Orcus-touched vampire - A commander of the Avatar of Orcus’ forces during the Wars of Undeath. Killed by the Heroes of the Free States when they used Gate to transport and ambush him in the Elemental Plane of Air.
Orcus-Touched Vampire

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