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Elemental Plane of Air

Elemental Plane of Air is the most hospitable of all the Elemental Planes, and because of that sees the most traveller traffic from across the Elemental Planes. All manner of creatures visit, sometimes without even realising it. Flying creatures of all varieties seek out the endless azure skies of this realm, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its dangers.   Navigating the plane requires the power of flight, but contrary to most rumours falling is not really a problem. Where is there to fall to? If a creature or object in flight loses its ability to fly while in the air, it simply hovers or is picked up by one of the strong wind gusts that permeate the never-ending sky. Larger objects, such as the various earth motes that dot the azure landscape or even a sailing ship, generate their own gravity, but escaping those bounds can be deceptively easy. Being stranded and caught in one of the dangerous storms that pepper the plane in regular intervals is the real danger.   Because of its relative safeness, the Plane of Air is home to a large variety of creatures. Many Material Plane natives with the ability to fly can be found around, but the true masters of the realm are the djinn. They keep magnificent castles built upon solid clouds, and most can be depended upon to do the right thing when pressed – but not all. Navigating the Labyrinth Winds without a guide can be frustrating for travellers, but only by doing so can such wondrous sites be visited, such as the Citadel of Ice and Steel that serves as the home to the Great Caliph of the Djinn, the massive Tempest of Chaos, the The City of Sky, or the mysterious Borealis Radiance.  

Portals to the Plane

Many portals exist to the Plane of Air, and this is likely due to the abundance of air and sky in the Material Plane and practically all other planes in the multiverse. Natural portals on the Material Plane are known to spontaneously appear near the tops of tall mountains and at the centre of the greatest storms with their vortices containing a portal to the Plane of Air. Some area are able to support permanent portals, typically those with stable environments at the top of great mountains, and the permanent storms within the Sea of Storms could well hold permanent portals too.   The djinn are known to maintain a number of portals to various planes of existence, the Prime Material Plane and Elemental Plane of Water being amongst the common.   The djinn maintain a number of portals to the Material Plane and other regions that they use to experience the wonders of the multiverse first hand. In the Citadel of Ice and Steel, the Great Caliph is said to have an entire citadel level dedicated to portals to his favourite planes. The caliph’s personal bodyguards keep these portals a secret and guard them with their life, so travellers should fear their usage.   The City of the Sky is home to the Diamond Dominion, mages that specialise in creating and controlling portals, a skill that they have well exploited to their financial benefit.  

Powers of the Plane

The Elemental Plane of Air is home to several power entities, organisations, and peoples whose will and sense of order are imposed upon the Plane itself.   The Living Storm, Lord of Air and Sky - Primordial of the Elemental Plane of Air   The Primordials are entities of raw power that are believed to embody the very planes that exist upon, their powers are said to rival even that of deities. The Primordials are said to be the first entities born of their planes, ageless in nature and bottomless in power. The Living Storm is believed to the creature from which all air elementals are descended from. The Living Storm is the embodiment of elemental air, its exact nature and appearance are unknown, there is no doubt that the Living Storm is the most powerful entity upon the Plane.   Great Caliph of the Djinn   The wild and free-willed djinn recognize few leaders and no formal hierarchy, but the power and influence of the Great Caliph is without question. Great Caliph Husam al-Balil ben Nafhat al-Yugayyim, Master of the Clouds, Son of the Breezes, Secret Keeper of the Four Winds, Prince of Birds, Storm of the Heavens, Defender of the Righteous, Emperor of Gales, Commander of Monsoons, and Master of the Air, keeps court in the fabulously appointed Citadel of Ice and Steel, the largest djinn stronghold and one of the greatest seats in the Plane of Air. From his icy palace, the Great Caliph receives visitors and news from across the realm, which he sees as under his protection. Like most djinn, the Great Caliph takes a pragmatic view towards possessions – if something can be used, it should be used, and the ownership is determined by the best suited person   Elemental Lords of Air   The Elemental Lords of Air are the princes and princesses of the elementals, owing allegiance to none but themselves and working towards their own ends. The most famous is Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Air Elementals. All the Elemental Lords of Air are incredibly power and ancient elementals that are capable of destruction on a mass scale.   Tempest of Chaos   The Tempest of Chaos is a miles wide living storm, not only is it a miles wide tempest with crackling lighting, but it is also made up of rippingling arcane energy. The Tempest is a force of nature, able to destroy even the great cities of the Djinn when it desires.  

Denizens of Air

Elemental Plane of Air is home to all manner of creatures, including many from the Material Plane. Among the most populous of the denizens of the Elemental Plane of Air are the air elementals and the djinn both of which are natives to the Plane. Creatures originally from the Prime Material Plane are also common, including the aarakocra, Genasi, and certain kinds of giants. Birds are also common encounters across the Plane of Air, including eagles, owls, hawks, and ravens, but as part of their evolution they have been transformed into elementals.


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