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Elemental Plane of Water

The Elemental Plane of Water is a vast realm of deep mysteries, shadowed darkness, and wondrous life, all combined into one of the most recognizable elements across the multiverse. Life flourishes in this plane, which many travellers can relate to on some level – after all, water is essential to live on the Prime Material Plane, however, so it’s too hard to imagine a vast, endless version of oceans and depths which they reach throughout the Elemental Plane of Water.   The Elemental Plane of Water is one of the most hospitable of the Elemental Planes to the peoples of the Prime Material Plane (second only to the Plane of Air). With a little magic, travellers can dive into the Sea of Worlds and seek out the wonders and treasures of the Great Coral Forest, the wrecks of lost ships in the Graveyard of Sails, the reckless and arrogant halls of the marid genies in the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, or even trade goods and services under the icy dome of the City of Glass. Deeper still lies dangerous lairs of cold, unyielding monsters, such as the Fathomless Caves and the Trench of Death.   Sahuagin, marid genies, kuo-toa, merrow, and all manner of other creatures occupy the Plane of Water, and some have built cities and bases beneath the waves. And while most of the planar activity is underwater, contrary to most beliefs, the Plane of Water has a surface, and this surface is broken by several islands. The most famous of these islands is the Isle of Dread, surrounded by a fierce storm which is said to extend to the Prime Material Plane, which has the capability to draw in ships and strand them. The island itself is a dangerous, jungle-filled wilderness with great dinosaurs competing for food   The treasures and sites of the Plane of Water are there for travellers willing to brave the monsters and dangers of an endless sea of unrelenting change.  

Portals to the Plane

There are likely more portals to the Elemental Plane of Water than any other of the Elemental Planes (with the possible exception of the Elemental Plane of Air), though opening them can be tricky if the traveller is not prepared. Many portals are two-way, and thus opening a portal to a realm of endless water can create a real drowning hazard for the unprepared.   Permanent portals to the Elemental Plane of Water are believed to exist in the depths of the oceans, freezing reaches of the far south, and the turbulent seas particularly within the Sea of Storms. Temporary portals are capable of forming in the same locations, but also flooded caverns, storms, and whirlpools. All portals are capable of pull entire ships through them to devastation in the Elemental Plane of Water.   Stable portals are known to lead to the City of Glass, the trading hub for the Elemental Planes and beyond. These portals typically lead to one of the many market squares in that city, tightly patrolled and governed by the Aquatic Council so as to ensure goods and services are brought in fairly and recorded accurately. However, secret portals are rumoured to exist leading to the shady underbelly of the City of Glass, a frozen region known as the Freezer. Officially, the Aquatic Council does not recognize the existence of the Freezer, but for those in the know it can be a place to acquire goods that people don’t want tracked or monitored.  

Powers of the Plane

The Deep Tide, Lord of the Frozen Deep - Primordial of the Elemental Plane of Water   The Primordials are entities of raw power that are believed to embody the very planes that exist upon, their powers are said to rival even that of deities. The Primordials are said to be the first entities born of their planes, ageless in nature and bottomless in power. The Deep Tide is said to dwell at the bottom of the Elemental Plane of Water. There is no doubt that the Firebringer is the most powerful entity upon the Plane.   Elemental Lords of Water   The Elemental Lords of Water are the princes and princesses of the elementals, owing allegiance to none but themselves and working towards their own ends. These immense beings are comprised of the elemental water that makes up their plane.   Great Padishah of the Marids   The marid are the greatest power in the Plane of Water or any of the elemental planes, or so they would have you believe, and none hold more influence than Kalbari alDurrat al-Amwajs ibn Jari, Great Padishah of the Marids, the Keeper of the Empire, the Pearl of the Sea, the Mother of Foam, the Maharaja of the Oceans, and Emir of All Currents. She holds an elaborate court in the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, a magnificently appointed structure in the Sea of Light that functions as the heart of the marid empire. Or it would, if there were a marid empire or even functioning government to speak of.  

Denizens of Water

The Elemental Plane of Water is home to all manner of creatures, including many from the Material Plane. Among the most populous of the denizens of the Elemental Plane of Water are the water elementals, the marids, merfolk, sahuagin, and tritons all of which are natives to the Plane. Creatures originally from the Prime Material Plane are also common, Genasi, giants, and locathah being the most populous.


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