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Higher Vampire

‘A higher vampire is much like any other of the mortal races, except if you chopped our head off we would comment how uncouth it was instead of dying… which has its advantages.’ - Sakrath von Feldorth Agrath, Court Vampire of Velfauna

Higher Vampires are an incredibly rare form of Vampire, they are both the most intelligent and powerful of the vampires, they are also accomplished shapechangers being able to disguise themselves as members of other races. Not all higher vampires are dangerous to mortal races; many even avoid contact altogether, and some even work altruistically, if clandestinely, to aid humanity.   Higher vampires can appear like any member of the mortal races and can even evade detection from divination spells and effects that would allow one to see a creature's true form; they only reveal themselves at their own convenience. In addition to transforming into the appearance of mortal races, high vampires have a hybrid form and a true form.   Higher vampires are typically more intelligent than most members of the mortal races, a result of physiology and lifespan. They also possess numerous - and often unique- abilities. Unlike lesser vampires, higher vampires do not need to drink blood to survive; however, the consumption of blood offers an experience not unlike the consumption of alcohol.   All intelligent vampires celebrate full Moons as an important holiday during which they tend to raid villages and get drunk on blood.   Higher vampires appear to have a kind of immortality; even the most destructive effects which may obliterate them puts them in a regenerative state akin to a coma, slowly healing over a protracted period of time. It is unknown if there is a method to kill a higher Vampire, and the subject is highly guarded by them.  

Notable Vampires

  Sakrath von Feldorth Agrath- Higher Vampire - Became Court Vampire of Velfauna after assisting the Heroes of Velfauna reclaim Velfauna during the Days of the False King and the Thaxnorian Occupation of Velfauna. Also assisted the Heroes of the Free States during the Wars of Undeath.   Hugarth- Higher Vampire - entered the service of the Avatar of Orcus and pledged to open the Silver Gates beneath Velfauna. Defected to help the Heroes of the Free States when they were able to assist him. Fought with the Heroes of the Free States during the Wars of Undeath.
Higher Vampire in Human Form
Higher Vampire in Hybrid Form
Higher Vampire in True Form

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