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Moradin (Mor-a-din)

Where the Cult Thrives

The Cult of Moradin and indeed the rest of the Morndinsamman Pantheon is widespread among the dwarves and rock gnomes, it can befound with Kingdom of Aran'Nack, Free States, Kasari Dominion, Kingdom of Makthoria, Kingdom of Sarvartar, Kingdom of Thaxnoria, and Velgan Empire.

Tenets of the Faith

Moradin is worshiped as the head and first of the Morndinsamman Pantheon, and the deity of creation, craft, and the noble races as a whole. Moradin is believed to be the creator of Runetalras, the cosmos, and breathed life into the noble races. Moradin is seen as the father of the dwarves and rock gnomes. As well as creation, Moradin is also worshiped as a deity of crafts, ranging from intricate work of jewelry, to the more physical acts of construction and forging; all of these acts not only require skill but also intricate knowledge of their art. His priests also strive for innovation and improvement of individuals and their creations. As the head of the Morndinsamman, Moradin and his worshipers are the chief source of justice, with his teaching being stern, harsh, but also fair. The priests of the Morndinsamman also believe that kings have a divine right to rule over the noble races, and are tied to political establishments where dwarves and gnomes thrive.   Some priests of the Morndinsamman dedicate themselves to individual deities of the pantheon, these priests are the minority as most are dedicated to the pantheon as a holistic religion; Moradin has more of these priests than any other member of the Morndinsamman. These priests play a role of moral guardianship and political legitimacy. These priests loudly proclaim the importance of producing something physical of worth through acts of mining, smithing, engineering, and other acts of crafts and production. These priests also play a role in annoying political heads of kingdoms, notable examples being Aran’Nack, the Craglands, and Makthoria. The priests of Moradin are typically patriarchal, with females being excluded although this is not to say that no women dedicate themselves to Moradin but they are excluded from the establishment. Priests of Moradin typically clad themselves in heavy armour and silvered helms.   Although Moradin is the deity of the Morndinsamman with the largest following, there are few temples solely dedicated to Moradin. The few temples that exist are large grand structures, filled with gold, mithral, and objects of innovation. These temples are typically found within capital cities and are used for religious and state ceremonies.

Depictions of the Deity

Moradin depiction has settled upon a dwome (the offspring of a gnomeand dwarf), but has historically also been depicted as a dwarf and gnome. He is depicted as well-muscled and wide built, his eyes are blue glowing to white and he has long hair and a longer beard. He wears gilded intricate gold armour and is depicted with an anvil and hammer oft in the process of forging.
Titles: All-Father, Soul Forger, Life Hammer   Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good   Symbol: Hammer and anvil   Domains: Forge, Knowledge, Order
Religious, Organised Religion

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