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A Cosmic Wanderer's Tale of Love, Adventure, and the Pursuit of the Unknown

"Dictated, but not read." -- the Traveler
Greetings, dear reader. I am known simply as the Traveler, a humble wanderer of the multiverse, a connoisseur of the cosmic, an aficionado of the arcane. I hail from the City of Doors, Sigil, a place of infinite portals and endless possibilities. A city watched over by a figure of enigma and power, a lady whose visage is as captivating as it is terrifying. Ah, the Lady of Pain, my heart's torment and my soul's delight. But let's not dwell on my ill-advised infatuation, for love is a maze, and in her case, quite literally so.   You see, my dear reader, I am a tourist of the cosmos, an explorer of the exotic and the esoteric. I traverse the planes of existence, seeking out new sights, new experiences, new stories. And often, my travels bring me to Rolara, a world of untamed beauty and untold danger, a world that calls to the adventurer in me, and perhaps, in you as well.   But why, you might ask, would a denizen of Sigil, a city of infinite doors, choose to venture into the wilds of Rolara? Ah, therein lies the rub. For you see, my dear reader, my heart belongs to Sigil, but my presence... well, let's just say it's not always welcomed. The Lady of Pain, in her inscrutable wisdom, often deems it necessary for me to take a... shall we say, extended vacation from our beloved city. And so, I find myself in Rolara, a world as far from Sigil as one can get, both in distance and in spirit.   But fear not, for I am not one to wallow in self-pity. Instead, I embrace these forced sojourns as opportunities to explore, to discover, to learn. And in Rolara, there is much to learn. From its towering mountains to its deep forests, from its bustling cities to its quiet hamlets, Rolara is a world teeming with life, with adventure, with stories waiting to be told.   So come, join me on this journey. Let us explore Rolara together, let us uncover its secrets, let us revel in its wonders. For in the end, we are all travelers, wandering through the cosmos, seeking out the new, the strange, the beautiful. And who knows, perhaps in our travels, we might just find what we're looking for.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

My physical form, you ask? Well, it's as nebulous as the mists of the Ethereal Plane, as changeable as the winds of the Elemental Air. A silhouette wrapped in a traveler's cloak, a hint of a smile beneath the shadow of a hood, a pair of eyes twinkling with the light of a thousand stars - that's all there is to see, and perhaps, that's all there needs to be.

Body Features

Hm, the corporeal details, you insist? Well, I suppose there's a certain charm to the tangible, isn't there? Beneath my cloak, you'd find a form that's lean and lithe, shaped by countless miles walked on countless worlds. My hands, though often hidden, bear the calluses of a seasoned explorer, each line a testament to a door opened, a path trodden, a world discovered. As for my feet, well, they're as restless as the soul they carry, always itching to tread on unexplored paths, to dance on the edge of the unknown.

Special abilities

You see, dear reader, as a seasoned traveler of the multiverse, I've picked up a knack, a peculiar talent, if you will. I call it the "Doorstep Perception."   Now, you might be wondering, what on earth—or any other plane for that matter—does that mean? Well, it's quite simple, really. You see, Sigil, my home, is known as the City of Doors, and for a good reason. There are doors everywhere, leading to everywhere. But the trick is, not all doors are visible to the untrained eye.   That's where my Doorstep Perception comes in. With it, I can sense the presence of these hidden doors, these unseen gateways. I can feel the subtle shift in the fabric of reality, the faint hum of interplanar energy, the gentle pull of a portal waiting to be opened. It's like a sixth sense, a cosmic intuition that guides me through the labyrinth of the multiverse.   And so, no matter where I am, whether it's the bustling streets of Sigil, the wild landscapes of Rolara, or the farthest reaches of the Outer Planes, I can always find a door, a way out—or a way in, depending on your perspective. It's a handy talent to have, especially when one has a penchant for attracting the ire of enigmatic city rulers. But remember, dear reader, every door leads to a new adventure, a new story. And isn't that what being a traveler is all about?

Personality Characteristics


Hygiene, you say? My dear reader, I must admit, I'm a tad taken aback. To suggest that a seasoned traveler such as myself might neglect the basic tenets of cleanliness... well, it's almost enough to make a man lose his temper. But then again, I can't help but admire your audacity, your willingness to ask the hard questions. So, bravo, dear reader, bravo.   Now, let's address this scurrilous rumor once and for all. You see, cleanliness, much like good manners and a keen sense of direction, is an essential part of the traveler's toolkit. One might even say it's the first rule of interplanar travel: always keep your boots clean, for you never know where you might end up stepping next.   And so, I make it a point to maintain a certain level of cleanliness, no matter where my travels take me. A quick dip in a crystal-clear stream, a brisk scrub in the sands of the Elemental Plane of Earth, a refreshing shower under a waterfall in the Feywild - why, there's no shortage of opportunities to freshen up when you're a wanderer of the multiverse.   But of course, not all environments are conducive to traditional methods of bathing. That's where a bit of arcane assistance comes in handy. Prestidigitation, the cantrip of cleanliness, the spell of sanitation - it's a godsend for the hygiene-conscious traveler. A quick flick of the wrist, a murmur of the incantation, and voila! Dirt and grime vanish, clothes are freshened, and one's personal aroma is as pleasant as a spring morning in the Elysian Fields.   So, rest assured, dear reader, that your humble narrator is as clean as a whistle, as fresh as a daisy, as spotless as a newly polished suit of Mithral armor. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say, and while I may not be a god, I do find myself in their company more often than not. And there's nothing quite as embarrassing as meeting a deity with dirty boots.


Religious Views

Yes. Religion: the eternal question, the cosmic conundrum. You see, dear reader, as a native of Sigil and a traveler of the multiverse, I've had the unique opportunity to observe a myriad of faiths, to witness the divine in all its forms. I've seen gods of love and war, deities of knowledge and trickery, entities of creation and destruction. I've watched as mortals offer prayers, perform rituals, and dedicate their lives to these Celestial beings. It's a fascinating spectacle, to be sure.   But as for me, well, I suppose you could say I'm a believer of sorts. Not in any particular god or pantheon, mind you, but in the divine itself. I believe in the power of belief, the strength of faith, the magic of devotion. I've seen firsthand how belief can shape reality, how faith can move mountains, how devotion can touch the divine. It's a powerful thing, belief, perhaps the most powerful force in the multiverse.   Yet, while I respect and appreciate the divine, I do not worship. For you see, to worship is to bind oneself, to limit one's perspective, to see the multiverse through a single lens. And as a traveler, I value my freedom, my ability to explore and experience the multiverse in all its infinite variety.   So, I observe, I learn, I appreciate. I stand in awe of the divine, yet I do not bow. I marvel at the gods, yet I do not serve. I am a traveler, a wanderer, a seeker of truth. And in my travels, I've found that the greatest truth, the most profound divine, is the multiverse itself. For in its endless diversity, its boundless complexity, its infinite beauty, we find the true face of the divine. And that, dear reader, is a faith worth believing in.

Social Aptitude

Ah, my social aptitude, the jewel in my traveler's crown, the key to my multiversal map. You see, dear reader, as a seasoned wanderer of the cosmos, I've learned that the most valuable currency isn't Gold or gems, but words. A kind word, a clever quip, a well-timed compliment - these are the tools of the trade, the keys to the kingdom, the secret to unlocking the multiverse's many doors.   I've shared a laugh with the gnomes of Bytopia, debated philosophy with the modrons of Mechanus, and even traded riddles with a sphinx in the Great Wheel. I've charmed Archfey in the courts of the Feywild, negotiated with pit fiends in the depths of the Nine Hells, and even shared a drink or two with the gods themselves.   You see, dear reader, when you're a traveler, a stranger in a strange land, your survival often depends not on your sword, but on your tongue. And let me assure you, my tongue is as sharp as any blade, as quick as any arrow, as potent as any spell.   But don't take my word for it. Ask the Eladrin of the Moonwilde, who still speak in hushed tones of the silver-tongued stranger who charmed the stars from the sky. Ask the Githyanki of the Astral Plane, who remember the eloquent explorer who talked his way out of a duel with their queen. Ask the Lady of Pain herself, who... well, perhaps it's best not to ask her. Some stories are best left untold.   So yes, dear reader, I am a social creature, a master of the spoken word, a virtuoso of the verbal arts. I can talk my way into a king's court and out of a Dragon's den. I can charm a maiden, disarm a warrior, and even, on occasion, silence a god. For in the end, the multiverse is but a stage, and we are all but players. And let me assure you, dear reader, when it comes to the grand play of the cosmos, I am a star.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Traveling, obviously.


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