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Lady of Pain

Beyond Mortal Comprehension: The Unfathomable Power of the Lady of Pain

In the heart of the multiverse, amidst the chaos and wonder of Sigil, the City of Doors, there exists a figure of enigma and power, a being whose very presence commands awe and fear in equal measure. She is the Lady of Pain, the ruler of Sigil, the silent sentinel who watches over the city's countless doors and its myriad inhabitants.   Her form is as enigmatic as her nature, a woman of regal bearing, her face obscured by a mask of blades. She floats above the ground, her feet never touching the cobblestones of Sigil's streets. Her gaze is impassive, her silence absolute. Yet, in her presence, one can feel the weight of her power, a force that seems to permeate the very air, a palpable reminder of her dominion over the city.   The origins of the Lady of Pain are shrouded in mystery, known only to a handful of cosmic entities. Some whisper that she is as old as the multiverse itself, a primordial force that predates the gods. Others suggest that she is the embodiment of Sigil itself, a manifestation of the city's will. Yet, these are but speculations, theories whispered in hushed tones in the shadowy corners of Sigil's taverns.   Under her watchful gaze, Sigil thrives. The city's countless doors remain open, its factions vie for influence, and its markets bustle with interplanar trade. She maintains the balance, keeping the gods at bay and ensuring that open conflict does not erupt within the city's limits. Her rule is absolute, her justice swift and unerring.   Yet, despite her power, the Lady of Pain remains distant, an enigma wrapped in a mystery. She does not interfere in the affairs of the city unless necessary, does not favor one faction over another, does not seek worship or adulation. She simply is, a constant in the ever-changing chaos of Sigil, a silent guardian of the City of Doors.   In the end, the Lady of Pain is a paradox, a being of immense power who rules by inaction, a figure of fear and respect who asks for no worship, a ruler who is part of her city yet stands apart from it. She is the heart of Sigil's mystery, the embodiment of its enigma, the silent sentinel of the City of Doors.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Lady of Pain is an imposing figure, her form a fusion of the Human and the abstract. She is depicted as a woman, towering and regal, her face obscured by a mask of intricate design, adorned with blades that radiate outwards like a sun. Her body, draped in flowing robes, floats above the ground, casting an ominous shadow that instills fear and awe in equal measure.

Body Features

The Lady of Pain is a figure of grandeur and terror, her physical form a testament to her immense power and inscrutable nature. She is not a creature of flesh and bone, but a being of otherworldly essence, her body a manifestation of her will and dominion over the city of Sigil.   Her most striking feature is her face, or rather, the mask that obscures it. This mask is a work of art and horror, a complex arrangement of blades that radiate outward, forming a halo of sharp edges. The blades are not mere decorations; they are extensions of her being, capable of inflicting unimaginable pain. The mask is expressionless, its metallic surface reflecting no emotion, a perfect mirror to her inscrutable nature.   The Lady's body, unlike her mask, is more humanoid. She is tall and imposing, her form exuding an aura of authority. Her body is draped in flowing robes, the fabric moving as if alive, shifting and changing with her movements. The robes are of an indeterminate color, sometimes appearing as dark as the Void, at other times shimmering with hues that defy description.   She has no feet, or at least none that are visible. Instead, she floats above the ground, moving with a grace and fluidity that belies her size. Her presence is always accompanied by an ominous shadow, a dark silhouette that seems to suck in the light around it, further enhancing her intimidating presence.   Her hands, when visible, are delicate and slender, belying the power they wield. They are often hidden within the folds of her robes, emerging only when she wishes to make a point or deliver a sentence.

Facial Features

The visage of the Lady of Pain is a mystery, hidden behind an intricate mask that is as much a part of her as any physical feature. This mask, a complex arrangement of blades, is her face to the world, a face that is both awe-inspiring and terrifying.   The blades of the mask radiate outward, forming a halo around where one would expect her face to be. They are sharp and gleaming, a physical manifestation of the pain she can inflict. The mask is devoid of any discernible expression, its metallic surface reflecting nothing of her thoughts or emotions.   Behind the mask, one can only speculate about the true face of the Lady of Pain. Some believe it to be as beautiful as it is terrible, a face that can inspire love and fear in equal measure. Others believe it to be a Void, an emptiness that reflects the inscrutable nature of the Lady herself. But these are mere speculations, for the Lady's true face remains hidden, a secret known only to her.

Special abilities

The Lady of Pain, as her title suggests, possesses an array of abilities that are as enigmatic as they are formidable. Her powers are not derived from any known source, but seem to be inherent to her being, making her one of the most potent entities in the multiverse.  

Maze Creation

The Lady of Pain has the unique ability to create intricate, extradimensional labyrinths known as mazes. These mazes are not physical constructs but are instead extensions of her will, created and controlled by her mind. Those who incur her wrath find themselves trapped within these mazes, lost in a seemingly endless network of twisting corridors and dead ends. Escape is nearly impossible without her consent.  

Pain Infliction

True to her name, the Lady of Pain can inflict unimaginable pain on those who cross her. This is not physical pain, but a psychic torment that transcends the boundaries of mind and body. It is a pain that can shatter the will, break the spirit, and even snuff out life itself.  

Sigil Control

The Lady of Pain has absolute control over Sigil, the City of Doors. She can manipulate the city's structure at will, opening and closing portals, altering its layout, and even changing its physical laws. This control extends to the city's inhabitants as well, as she can banish anyone from Sigil with a mere thought.  

Divine Immunity

Perhaps the most intriguing of her abilities is her immunity to divine powers. Gods and goddesses hold no sway over the Lady of Pain. She is impervious to their influence and can even bar them from entering Sigil. This ability has led to much speculation about her true nature, with some suggesting that she may be a being of a higher order than the gods themselves.   These abilities, combined with her inscrutable nature, make the Lady of Pain a figure of awe and fear. She is a testament to the limitless potential of power and the terrifying beauty of the unknown.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Lady of Pain, the enigmatic ruler of Sigil, is a figure shrouded in mystery and speculation. Her history, much like her nature, is elusive and largely unknown. However, the fragments of lore that have been pieced together paint a picture of a being of immense power and inscrutability.   The origins of the Lady of Pain are lost in the mists of time. Some whisper that she is as old as the multiverse itself, a primordial entity born from the raw stuff of existence. Others speculate that she is a fallen deity, who forsook her divine status for reasons unknown. Yet another theory posits that she is Sigil itself, a physical manifestation of the city given form and Consciousness.   Despite the lack of concrete information, it is clear that the Lady of Pain has ruled Sigil for an immeasurable span of time. Her reign has been marked by an unwavering commitment to the city's neutrality. She has fiercely defended Sigil from the machinations of gods and planar lords, maintaining its status as a nexus of the multiverse, a place where beings from all planes of existence can meet and interact.   Throughout her rule, the Lady of Pain has remained distant and aloof. She does not communicate with the city's inhabitants, nor does she show any interest in their affairs, unless they threaten the stability of Sigil. Her interventions, when they occur, are swift and decisive. She has been known to flay those who incur her wrath or banish them to one of her Mazes, pocket universes from which escape is nearly impossible.   The Lady of Pain's relationship with worship is particularly noteworthy. Unlike deities, she does not accept or encourage worship. In fact, she violently suppresses any attempt to venerate her. This has led to speculation that she may have been a deity who rejected her divine status, although the truth of this remains uncertain.

Gender Identity

The Lady of Pain, as her title suggests, is generally referred to using feminine pronouns and is often depicted with feminine features. However, it's important to note that applying Human concepts of gender to such a powerful and enigmatic entity can be a complex endeavor.   In many ways, the Lady of Pain transcends mortal understandings of gender. As an entity of immense power, her form and identity are likely not bound by the same biological and societal constraints that shape human perceptions of gender. Her presentation as a 'Lady' may be more related to the way in which mortals are able to comprehend her existence, rather than a reflection of a gender identity as humans understand it.   The Lady of Pain's consistent feminine presentation could be interpreted in several ways. It could be a deliberate choice on her part, a reflection of a personal identity that aligns with what mortals understand as femininity. Alternatively, it could be a form chosen for its symbolic or cultural significance. In many societies and cultures, femininity is associated with creation, mystery, and power, all of which are central to the Lady of Pain's role and nature.   It's also worth considering that the Lady of Pain's gender presentation may not hold the same significance for her as it would for a mortal. For beings of such power and longevity, concepts like gender may be fluid, mutable, or even irrelevant. The Lady of Pain's feminine form could be just one aspect of a multifaceted identity that mortals can only partially comprehend.


The Lady of Pain's sexuality, much like her gender identity, is a subject that defies simple categorization. As a being of immense power and inscrutable nature, her experiences and expressions of sexuality—if they exist at all—are likely to be far removed from Human understanding.   In the known lore, there are no instances of the Lady of Pain engaging in romantic or sexual relationships. Her primary role seems to be the governance and protection of Sigil, and she does not appear to seek personal connections or partnerships. This could suggest that the Lady of Pain is asexual, meaning she does not experience sexual attraction, or possibly aromantic, meaning she does not experience romantic attraction. However, these terms are human constructs, and it's unclear how well they would apply to a being like the Lady of Pain.   It's also possible that the Lady of Pain experiences sexuality and attraction in ways that are simply incomprehensible to mortals. As a cosmic entity, her experiences could be so far removed from human understanding that they cannot be accurately described using human language and concepts. If this is the case, then the Lady of Pain's sexuality would remain as much a mystery as the rest of her existence.   Another possibility is that the Lady of Pain, in her role as ruler of Sigil, deliberately refrains from personal relationships of any kind in order to maintain her neutrality and authority. In this interpretation, the question of her sexuality would be irrelevant, as she has chosen to set aside personal desires in favor of her duties.   The Lady of Pain's sexuality, like many aspects of her identity, is shrouded in mystery. Whether she is asexual, experiences sexuality in a way beyond human comprehension, or simply chooses not to engage in personal relationships, her sexuality remains as enigmatic as the Lady herself. As always, any attempt to understand the Lady of Pain must grapple with the vast gulf that separates mortal understanding from the realities of cosmic existence.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Lady of Pain's achievements and accomplishments are as enigmatic as her persona. Given her inscrutable nature and the lack of a clear timeline of her existence, it's challenging to chronicle her feats in a chronological order. However, a few significant milestones can be inferred from the lore surrounding her.  

Establishment of Sigil

The most significant achievement attributed to the Lady of Pain is the establishment and maintenance of Sigil, the City of Doors. While the exact timeline remains unclear, it is widely accepted that the Lady of Pain has been the ruler of Sigil for an immeasurable span of time. Her ability to maintain control over such a unique and chaotic city is a testament to her immense power and influence.  

Maintaining Neutrality of Sigil

One of the Lady of Pain's most notable accomplishments is maintaining the neutrality of Sigil amidst the cosmic wars and conflicts of the multiverse. Despite the city's strategic importance, the Lady of Pain has successfully kept Sigil out of the hands of the various deities and cosmic entities that would undoubtedly love to control it. This achievement is a testament to her diplomatic prowess and her formidable reputation.  

Protection Against Deities

The Lady of Pain has demonstrated her power on several occasions by preventing deities from entering Sigil. This is a significant accomplishment, as it ensures the city's independence and neutrality. It also serves as a clear demonstration of the Lady's power, as even the gods seem to fear her wrath.   The Silence of the Lady: While not an achievement in the traditional sense, the Lady of Pain's silence is a notable aspect of her rule. Despite her immense power, she rarely intervenes directly in the affairs of Sigil's inhabitants. This hands-off approach has allowed a diverse array of cultures and ideologies to flourish in the city, contributing to Sigil's reputation as a hub of the multiverse.

Failures & Embarrassments

The Lady of Pain, despite her immense power and control, is not without her share of failures and embarrassments. However, given her enigmatic nature and the fear she instills in the inhabitants of Sigil, these instances are few and far between. Here are some of the notable ones:  

The Faction War

The Faction War, a catastrophic event that took place in Sigil, can be seen as a significant failure on the part of the Lady of Pain. Despite her rule and the fear she instills, she was unable to prevent the factions from warring against each other. The war resulted in chaos and destruction throughout the city, and the Lady of Pain was forced to intervene directly, something she rarely does. She disbanded all factions, banishing their leaders, but the damage had already been done.  

Inability to Control the Dabus

The Dabus are the Lady of Pain's servants, responsible for maintaining Sigil under her direction. However, there have been instances where the Dabus have acted against her wishes, indicating a failure in her control over them. One notable instance is when a rogue Dabus named Fell defied the Lady and left her service. This was a significant embarrassment for the Lady, as it showed that even her closest servants could defy her.  

The Aoskar Incident

Aoskar was a god of portals who tried to gain control over Sigil. The Lady of Pain killed Aoskar for his audacity, but not before he had gained a significant following in the city. The fact that a god could gain such influence in her city was a significant failure for the Lady of Pain.  

The Shattering of the Mazes

The Lady of Pain is known to send those who displease her to mazes from which there is no escape. However, there have been instances where individuals have managed to escape from these mazes, shattering the illusion of their inescapability. This is a significant embarrassment for the Lady, as it undermines one of her most feared forms of punishment.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of Pain, Ruler of Sigil, Mistress of the Labyrinth, The Silent Queen, The Serene Majesty, The Shadow Behind the Throne
Ruled Locations

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