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In the Age of Wonder, before the Stars of Power were extinguished, illithids from the Far Realm identified Rolara as a place in the Prime Material Plane to invade and conquer. Though ultimately, mind flayer came to the surface and settled there, the bulk of the illithid incursion was stopped by the Githyanki.
  These folk of the Astral Plane have red or brown hair usually tied in one or two top knots. Githyanki are slender humanoids with yellowish skin, pointed ears with serrations on the back and sunken eyes. All Githyanki, as creatures native to the plane of thought, have minor psionic abilities.
  Githyanki share a dark history with the Githzerai.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Ti'shal Vrlakki is a renegade group of Githyanki and Githzerai warriors.


The gith, a race enslaved by the mind flayers of the Far Realm, have murky origins. All that is known for certain is that both the Githyanki and Githzerai are descended from this gith race. Not even the original name of the race is known. Some say that the gith were originally humans from an alternate material plane. Others have suggested the gith were a forerunner race that predated elves. No one know, except perhaps the incomprehensible mind flayers themselves.
  It is known that the illithids dominate sentient species as servants and sources of food, and that captured races are manipulated and selectively bred over millenia. The original gith could have been exceptionally unrecognizable. Nonetheless, eventually one above all others led a resistance against their tentacle-faced masters.
  This heroine, unimaginatively named Gith, led the gith peoples away from the illithids and dedicated them to the destruction of mind flayers everywhere. Peace wouldn't last however, and the gith would further split into their modern forms, with the Githzerai heading into Limbo while the Githyanki stayed to fight in the Astral Plane.
  The largest settlement of Githyanki is a city built on the body of a dead God adrift in the Astral Sea. Tu'narath is surrounded by a storm of doubt and misunderstanding stemming from the nsture of the Githyanki who live there. When a battle is about to start, the fog clears and each Githyanki warrior picks up a silver blade to defend their home.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Githyanki and Githzerai often find themselves culturally or philosophically at odds.
Related Organizations


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