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Temple of Bahamut

In the southern reaches of Rolara, the Temples of Bahamut stand as rare but resplendent beacons of faith, wisdom, and virtue. Within their platinum-adorned walls, the echoes of ancient chants resonate, and the flicker of sacred flames dances to the rhythm of prayers. Here, the benevolent Platinum Dragon God, Bahamut, is revered as the King of Dragons, a symbol of justice, compassion, and enlightenment.   The temples are hubs of community life, offering sanctuary, healing, and guidance. High priests, paladins, and clerics lead the faithful in daily rituals, ceremonies, and acts of charity. The teachings of Bahamut inspire the pursuit of righteousness, courage, and purity, weaving a tapestry of beliefs that has endured through tumultuous times, including the Extinguishment of the Stars of Power.   Despite the passage of over 1500 years and the complexities of evolution and bastardization, the core essence of Bahamut's worship remains unshaken. The devout hold an unwavering faith that dragons will return, a belief that binds generations and fuels hope.   In a world where dragons are more than mere myths, the Temples of Bahamut are living embodiments of timeless virtues and cosmic truths. They stand as silent witnesses to the eternal dance of existence, a dance that honors the most benevolent and wise of dragons, a dance that transcends time, space, and the very fabric of reality. In the heart of Rolara, the Temples of Bahamut continue to shine, illuminating the path of virtue, wisdom, and the eternal quest for understanding.

Tenets of Faith

The worship of Bahamut within the Temples of Rolara is guided by a set of profound rules, laws, and commandments that define the path of the faithful. These principles resonate with the essence of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon God, reflecting his virtues of justice, compassion, courage, wisdom, and purity.  
  1. Honor Justice: The faithful must strive to uphold justice in all their actions, standing against oppression, deceit, and wrongdoing. They are called to be champions of the weak, defenders of the righteous, and seekers of truth.
  3. Embrace Compassion: Compassion is at the heart of Bahamut's teachings. The faithful are encouraged to show kindness, empathy, and understanding, not only to fellow beings but to all creatures and the natural world.
  5. Live with Courage: Courage is celebrated as a noble virtue. The faithful must face fear, adversity, and challenges with bravery, reflecting Bahamut's fearless nature and his role as the leader of Dragonkind.
  7. Seek Wisdom: The pursuit of wisdom, enlightenment, and self-reflection is a continuous quest. The faithful are guided to study ancient texts, meditate on Bahamut's teachings, and seek guidance from elders and priests.
  9. Preserve Purity: Purity of thought, action, and intention is emphasized. The faithful must strive to live with integrity, honesty, and sincerity, reflecting the purity symbolized by Bahamut's platinum scales.
  11. Engage in Rituals and Offerings: Participation in daily rituals, ceremonies, and offerings within the temples is essential. These practices connect the faithful with Bahamut's essence and serve as expressions of gratitude, devotion, and supplication.
  13. Serve the Community: Acts of charity, healing, education, and community engagement are considered sacred duties. The temples host various activities that reflect Bahamut's benevolence and his role as a protector and guide.
  15. Hold Faith in the Return of Dragons: The enduring belief that dragons will return is a cornerstone of faith. This belief fuels hope, inspiration, and continuity, binding the faithful across generations.
  17. Respect the Temple Hierarchy: The hierarchical structure within the temples must be respected, recognizing the roles and responsibilities of priests, paladins, clerics, and acolytes.
  Together, these principles form the foundation of Bahamut's worship within the Temples of Rolara. They guide the faithful in a dance of faith that resonates with timeless virtues, cosmic truths, and the eternal quest for justice, virtue, and understanding. In a world where dragons are revered, feared, and loved, these commandments stand as a testament to the intricate dance of existence, a dance that honors Bahamut as a living symbol of the eternal dance of life, virtue, and the Human heart.


Within the confines of the Temple of Bahamut religion, various factions and sects have emerged over the centuries, each with its unique interpretation, focus, and practices. These variations have enriched the religious landscape but also led to tensions and complexities. Here's an overview of some prominent factions and sects:  

The Platinum Paladins

  • Differing Focus: Emphasizes martial virtues, courage, and the pursuit of justice.
  • Characterization: Seen as noble warriors and protectors of the faith.
  • Perception: Generally respected by the mainstream faith but sometimes considered overly zealous.

The Order of Wisdom

  • Differing Focus: Concentrates on scholarly pursuits, wisdom, and enlightenment.
  • Characterization: Known as scholars, philosophers, and keepers of ancient texts.
  • Perception: Valued for their wisdom but sometimes criticized for detachment from everyday concerns.

The Benevolent Healers

  • Differing Focus: Focuses on healing, compassion, and charitable works.
  • Characterization: Seen as empathetic healers and providers of sanctuary.
  • Perception: Widely admired but occasionally viewed as too lenient or forgiving.

The Purists

  • Differing Focus: Strives to preserve the original teachings and rituals of Bahamut, resisting changes and adaptations.
  • Characterization: Regarded as traditionalists and guardians of orthodoxy.
  • Perception: Respected by some for their devotion to tradition but criticized by others for rigidity and intolerance.

The Seekers of the Dragon's Return

  • Differing Focus: Emphasizes prophecy, mysticism, and the belief in the imminent return of dragons.
  • Characterization: Seen as mystics, seers, and prophets.
  • Perception: Viewed with curiosity and intrigue but also skepticism and suspicion by some.

The Reformed Wing

  • Differing Focus: Advocates for modern interpretations, inclusivity, and adaptation to contemporary society.
  • Characterization: Known as reformers, innovators, and bridge-builders.
  • Perception: Applauded by some for their progressive views but resisted by others fearing the loss of core values.
  These factions and sects reflect the rich diversity within the Temple of Bahamut religion, each contributing unique perspectives and practices. While some differences are embraced as complementary, others lead to tensions, debates, and even conflicts. The mainstream faith navigates this intricate landscape with a delicate balance, recognizing the value of diversity while striving to preserve the core essence of Bahamut's teachings. The dance of faith within the Temples of Bahamut is a complex interplay of tradition and innovation, unity and diversity, reflecting the multifaceted nature of a religion that honors the most benevolent and wise of dragons in the ever-evolving world of Rolara.
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