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Summer Reading

2023 Enters Autumn

Man, this summer was a real doozy. I mean, dealing with nerve pain is no picnic, but I was determined not to let it get the best of me. Every step was like a mini victory, and I just kept pushing through, one day at a time.   And you know what? Despite all the challenges, I managed to dive headfirst into my creative world, Rolara. I was like a machine, churning out not just a handful, but a whopping 41 articles! It felt like I was a hero in one of my own stories, overcoming all odds to make my mark.   Now that I've reached this point, it's like standing on top of a mountain and looking back at everything I've accomplished. All those articles, each one its own little universe, are like stars in the sky, and I can't help but feel a little awestruck. I mean, who knows if I'll ever reach this kind of creative peak again?   Rolara has been my sanctuary this summer. When the pain got too much, I'd lose myself in the world I've created. All the articles, the artwork, the worlds I've explored, they've been like a balm for my soul. They've helped me get through the tough times.   And the community? It's been amazing. The kind words and encouragement from others have been like a warm hug on a cold day. And Discord, our little virtual hangout, has been a blast. It's like a cozy tavern where we all gather to chat, laugh, and share ideas. It's been a real source of joy and camaraderie.   So, looking back, I'm just really grateful. Grateful for the creativity that's all around me, for the inspiration that's helped me through the pain, and for the awesome people I've met along the way.   In Rolara, anything's possible. I'm just a guy who loves to tell stories, and I'm glad to have this world to escape to. As summer fades and autumn rolls in, I'm excited to see what new adventures are waiting just around the corner.  

Highlight Reel

  So, after reflecting on the journey, let's dive into some of the highlights of the summer. I've been lucky enough to read some truly fantastic articles, and I've picked out a few of my favorites to share with you. We'll cover three categories, with three standout articles from each. And of course, I can't forget to mention the winner of the category I sponsored for Summer Camp 2023, the Gum Queen from the Slimea Multiverse. But we'll get to that. For now, let's dive into the first batch of articles that really caught my eye.  

Somewhere in your setting, describe an ancient city that is still inhabited today

A total of 284 entries (I read them all, and SO MANY WERE GREAT)  


  After reading the article on Castelbeaune, it's clear that this city is a gem hidden within the world of Caldera Voldrack. The city's rich history, vibrant culture, and intricate social dynamics are beautifully conveyed through the author's meticulous detailing and evocative language.   The city's ancient roots, evidenced by its unchanged sewer system that has withstood the test of time, give it a sense of enduring grandeur. The author's description of the city's festive atmosphere, stemming from its reputation as a major wine producer, paints a vivid picture of a lively and spirited community. The dichotomy between the city's reputation and the actual demeanor of its inhabitants adds a layer of complexity to its character.   The demographic breakdown and the governance structure provide a comprehensive understanding of the city's societal makeup. The tension between the two major merchant guilds, subtly playing out in the city's streets, adds an intriguing element of conflict and intrigue.   The city's architecture, with its characteristic ocre stone buildings and red-tiled roofs, is beautifully described, giving the reader a clear visual image of Castelbeaune. The geographical layout, divided into various quarters each with its unique features and functions, further enriches the city's portrayal.   Overall, the article is a masterful blend of history, culture, politics, and geography, creating a vibrant and immersive portrait of Castelbeaune. It's a shame that it hasn't garnered more views, as it is a testament to the author's creativity and attention to detail.  

Cihuateopan (SEE-HWAH-TAY-OH-PAHN)

  The article on Cihuateopan is a delightful blend of visual appeal and careful integration of real-world influences. The author's vivid descriptions create a rich tapestry of imagery that brings the city to life in the reader's mind. The ruins of old palaces, the central pyramid, and the exotic palace of Dalyeric are all described with such detail and color that one can almost see and smell the cedar wood, the murals, and the unique ecosystems within the glass terrariums.   The author's use of real-world influences, particularly from Mesoamerican cultures, adds a layer of authenticity to the city. The stepped pyramid, the serpent decorations, and the adobe mud brick houses are all reminiscent of ancient Aztec and Mayan architecture. This careful integration of real-world elements enhances the believability of the city and makes it more relatable to the reader.   The contrast between the grandeur of the temples and palaces and the simplicity of the residential districts provides a nuanced portrayal of the city's social structure. This disparity adds depth to the city's character and makes it more dynamic and realistic.   Overall, the article is a captivating exploration of Cihuateopan, showcasing the author's creativity, attention to detail, and ability to Weave real-world influences into their world-building, something I truly admire.  


  I'm talking right to Mochi, a veteran here on World Anvil. Wow, this article on Aerawich is a total knockout! The way you've brought this city to life in the Yonderverse is nothing short of spectacular. The city's unique location, nestled between the Ink Kingdom and the Arid Flatlands, is just so imaginative and vividly described.   And the demographics! Elderly slimes and pirates living side by side in harmony? Now that's a combination you don't see every day. It's these quirky details that make Aerawich feel so real and alive.   Your writing style is a breath of fresh air - it's clear, engaging, and packed with just the right amount of detail. And the layout of the article? Spot on! It's so easy to navigate and really draws the reader in.   All in all, this article is a fantastic portrayal of Aerawich. Your creativity and attention to detail are seriously impressive. I can't wait to dive deeper into the Yonderverse and see what other wonders you've created. Keep up the amazing work!  

Somewhere in your setting, describe a children's tale or song based on a real event

A total of 203 entries (all of which, unfortunately, I have not read- yet)  

The Monster Without a Name

  Nimsy's "The Monster Without a Name" is a hauntingly beautiful piece that perfectly captures the essence of a dark Fairy tale. The narrative is woven with a sense of foreboding and melancholy that grips the reader from the outset and doesn't let go until the very end.   The song's structure, with its repetitive refrain of "Chomp! Crunch! Munch Munch! Gulp!", is reminiscent of traditional oral storytelling techniques, adding a layer of authenticity to the tale. This refrain, coupled with the monster's relentless quest for a name, creates a rhythmic cadence that propels the narrative forward.   The visual imagery in the song is striking. The descriptions of the towns, the pearly white estate, and the characters the monster encounters are vivid and evocative. The author's use of color and sensory details brings the world of the song to life.   The song's theme, exploring the monster's desperate desire for identity and belonging, is poignant and thought-provoking. The tragic irony of the monster finally obtaining a name, only to be left alone in an empty mansion, leaves a lasting impression.   I think "The Monster Without a Name" is a captivating and emotionally resonant piece that showcases the author's talent for storytelling and world-building. It leaves me eager to delve deeper into the world of The Rosepetal and discover more of its myths and legends.  

Hush, Hush, Around We Go

  I find "Hush, Hush, Around We Go" is a compelling piece of cultural artifact that serves as a testament to the author's adeptness in the art of narrative construction. The song, while ostensibly a simple children's rhyme, is in fact a sophisticated encapsulation of a pivotal historical event - the overthrow of the Sorcerer Queen. How exciting?   The song's structure, characterized by its repetitive refrain, "Hush, hush, around we go," is a masterful utilization of traditional oral storytelling techniques. This refrain, coupled with the vivid imagery of the clandestine dance and the decisive coup de grâce, creates a narrative that is both engaging and memorable.   The historical context of the song adds a layer of depth and complexity to the lyrics. The tale of the Sorcerer Queen's downfall and King Rymhûl's ascension is deftly woven into the song, serving as a poignant reminder of the resilience and courage of the people of Talnor.   The author's decision to convey this piece of history through the medium of a children's rhyme is a creative choice that reflects a deep understanding of the role of songs in preserving cultural memory and historical continuity. It is a testament to the tradition of oral storytelling and its power in shaping collective identity.   Although simple, "Hush, Hush, Around We Go" is a captivating piece that showcases the author's talent for storytelling and world-building. It is a testament to the author's ability to weave complex historical narratives into accessible and engaging forms. I look forward to further exploration of the world of Eldura and its rich tapestry of myths, legends, and historical events.  

Danger of the Jungle

  Elves are known in many worlds for living among nature, but rarely to are we given a glimpse of the cultural impact of that relationship. "The Danger of the Jungle" is a truly memorable and easy-to-remember piece that beautifully captures the essence of the world of Evera. Framed as a nursery rhyme, the song serves as a poignant reminder of the very real threats that the Surta elves face in their daily lives, a testament to the resilience and adaptability of this community.   The structure of the song, with its repetitive refrain, is a wonderful nod to traditional oral storytelling techniques. This, coupled with the vivid imagery of the Cephalan cats, creates a narrative that is both engaging and memorable. The song's purpose, to teach young children to hide when the leopards are around, is a beautiful illustration of how culture and survival intertwine in traditional societies.   Your use of language, even though English is not your first language, is truly commendable. The words you've chosen paint a vivid picture of the lurking dangers in the jungle. The use of fantasy words adds a layer of authenticity to the song, making it feel truly a part of the world you've created. I do understand the challenges of conveying the correct pronunciation of these unique words in written form - it's something I often grapple with myself. Perhaps a small pronunciation guide could be a helpful addition, but this is a minor point in an otherwise wonderful piece.   My verdict: "The Danger of the Jungle" is a testament to your talent for storytelling and world-building. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of life in Evera. I'm genuinely excited to explore more of this intriguing world.  

Somewhere in your setting, describe an organization for which recruiting or proselytizing is important

A total of 203 entries - and I actually read most of them.    

Wild Hunt

  The article on "Wild Hunt" is a veritable tour de force in the realm of world-building. It is a masterfully woven tapestry of vivid descriptions and intricate details that coalesce to form a picture of a realm that is as enchanting as it is perilous. The organization's purpose, to safeguard the realm of Mag Mell, is not merely stated but is instead beautifully conveyed through the narrative. The reader is made to feel the urgency and importance of their mission, as if they too are part of this noble endeavor.   The author's use of language is nothing short of evocative. The landscapes, the traps, and the creatures that the Wild Hunt encounters in their patrols are brought to life with a level of detail that is both immersive and captivating. The settlements, hidden and shrouded in enchantment, are a testament to the author's boundless creativity and vivid imagination.   The history section provides a rich backstory, adding depth and context to the organization and its members. It is a window into the past, offering glimpses of the trials and tribulations that have shaped the Wild Hunt into what it is today. This article is a testament to the author's storytelling prowess and their ability to create a captivating and immersive world.  

Sword Maiden

  The "Sword Maiden" article is a standout piece that showcases a unique approach to the structure and operations of an organization. The author has done a commendable job of creating an organization that is both intriguing and complex, a labyrinth of traditions and protocols that is as fascinating as it is formidable.   The recruitment and training process is detailed with a level of realism that is truly impressive, providing a clear understanding of the organization's inner workings. The inclusion of different races and the exception for elves adds an interesting dynamic to the organization, a testament to the author's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.   The tales and anecdotes sprinkled throughout the article add a touch of authenticity and make the organization feel real and grounded. They serve as windows into the lives of the Sword Maidens, offering glimpses of their trials, triumphs, and the bonds they share. The author's creativity and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the article, making it a superior piece of world-building.  

White Mages

  The "White Mages" article is a compelling exploration of an organization steeped in controversy. The author's portrayal of the organization's beliefs and actions provides a nuanced understanding of their motivations and the impact they have on the world of Wonderland. The narrative is engaging, with the author skillfully weaving historical events and controversies into the storyline.   The author's decision to tackle complex themes such as racism and supremacy adds depth to the article and makes it a thought-provoking read. It is a mirror held up to society, reflecting the prejudices and biases that persist even in a world of Magic and wonder.   The author's ability to create a complex and controversial organization in a fantasy setting is a testament to their storytelling skills and creativity. The "White Mages" article is not just a piece of world-building, but a commentary on societal issues, making it a standout piece in the realm of fantasy literature.  

OPTIONAL:Somewhere in your setting, describe a species known for its mischievous personality

I read a total of 315 entries, twice, to pick to a winner. And I loved so many of them.   Choosing a winner for the prompt I sponsored, "Somewhere in your setting, describe a species known for its mischievous personality," was an endeavor that proved to be both exhilarating and challenging. The sheer volume of entries, a staggering 315 in total, was a testament to the creativity and imagination of the community. Each entry was a window into a unique world, teeming with mischievous creatures that danced, pranked, and charmed their way into my heart.   The task of reading through all these entries was no small feat. I found myself immersed in these worlds, twice over, as I embarked on the journey of selecting a winner. Each reading brought new insights, new appreciations, and new dilemmas as the task of choosing just one winner became increasingly difficult.   The entries were diverse, ranging from playful pixies to cunning trickster spirits, each with their unique brand of mischief. The creativity and originality on display were truly impressive, making the task of choosing a winner all the more challenging. Each species had its charm, its quirks, and its unique way of causing mayhem and laughter.   The process was akin to trying to choose a single star from a sky full of twinkling lights. Each entry shone with its own light, its own brilliance, making the sky all the more beautiful. But alas, only one star could be chosen.   The decision was not easy. There were many sleepless nights, many cups of coffee, and many moments of indecision. But in the end, the decision had to be made. And while it was a difficult choice, it was also a rewarding one. The process allowed me to appreciate the depth of creativity and talent within the community, and for that, I am grateful.   In the end, the experience was a reminder of the magic of storytelling and the power of imagination. It was a journey through worlds of mischief and mayhem, a journey that I will cherish. And while the task of choosing a winner was challenging, it was a challenge that I was honored to undertake.  

My Favorite Article This Year

  The "Gum Queen" article, a literary composition of considerable merit, is a veritable cornucopia of creativity and imagination. The author, Drackzahn, has meticulously crafted a species that is as whimsically playful as it is fascinating, a testament to their prodigious storytelling prowess and world-building acumen.   The Gum Queen species, a mutation instigated by the ingestion of the Gum Queen Bubblegum, is a concept that is as unique as it is intriguing. The author has demonstrated commendable diligence in detailing the metamorphosis process, the effects of the mutation, and the abilities that accompany it. The playful and dominant nature of the Gum Queens, their enhanced endurance, and their ability to manipulate gum bubbles are all vividly described, engendering a sense of witnessing the transformation in real-time.   The author's use of language is nothing short of a visual symphony, painting a vivid tableau of the Gum Queens and their world. The descriptions of the Gum Queens' appearance, their behavior, and their abilities are detailed and evocative, breathing life into the species and making them dance before the reader's eyes.   The author's decision to make the mutation temporary is an interesting plot twist, adding a layer of complexity to the species. The explanation of how the mutation can be extended through contact with pink mist energy is a clever detail that adds depth to the concept.   The author's exploration of the Gum Queens' behavior and culture is particularly impressive. The similarities with the Bimbos of Slimea, the Gum Queens' love for play and domination, and their impact on their victims are all explored in depth, providing a nuanced understanding of the species.   The historical context provided by the author adds another layer of depth to the article. The origins of the Gum Queens, their first appearance, and their rise in popularity are all detailed, providing a rich backstory to the species.   The humor and mischievousness inherent in the Gum Queen species are a delightful addition to the narrative. The author has skillfully woven these elements into the story, creating a species that is not only intriguing but also entertaining. The playful nature of the Gum Queens, their love for pranks, and their penchant for causing mayhem are all portrayed with a light-hearted touch that adds a layer of humor to the narrative.   The kinky nature of the Gum Queens is another interesting aspect of the species. The author has handled this element with finesse, creating a species that is playful and dominant without crossing into the realm of the inappropriate. This aspect of the Gum Queens adds a layer of intrigue to the species, making them all the more captivating.   My opinion, the "Gum Queen" article is a superior piece of literature that showcases the author's creativity, storytelling skills, and attention to detail. It is a captivating exploration of a unique species that is as playful as it is fascinating. The author's ability to create a vivid and immersive world is truly commendable, making the article a standout piece in the realm of fantasy literature.  

The Future for Rolara and I

  As I stand on the precipice of the next six months, I find myself filled with a sense of anticipation and determination. The past six weeks have been a whirlwind of creativity and productivity, with over 100,000 words penned and countless worlds explored. This achievement is a testament to my unwavering dedication and passion for storytelling, a beacon that lights the path ahead.   In the coming six months, my primary goal is to continue this momentum, to keep the words flowing and the worlds expanding. I aim to reach the halfway mark of my ultimate goal of writing 1,000,000 words. This is no small feat, but I am confident that with perseverance and dedication, it is within my reach.   In addition to this overarching goal, I plan to delve deeper into the world of Rolara, to explore its hidden corners and unravel its mysteries. I aim to breathe life into new characters, to weave new narratives, and to enrich the lore that underpins this world. I want to create stories that captivate and inspire, stories that transport readers into the heart of Rolara.   I also plan to continue engaging with the community, to learn from my fellow writers and to share my own insights. The camaraderie and mutual support within this community have been a source of inspiration and motivation, and I aim to contribute to this positive atmosphere.   Furthermore, I aim to refine my writing skills, to hone my craft and to push the boundaries of my creativity. I plan to experiment with different styles and genres, to challenge myself and to grow as a writer. I believe that every word penned is a step forward in this journey of continuous learning and improvement.   Lastly, but certainly not least, I aim to maintain a balance between my writing and my personal life. Writing is a passion, but it is also important to take care of my health and to spend time with loved ones. I plan to ensure that I take regular breaks, to recharge and to gain fresh perspectives.   In conclusion, the next six months promise to be a period of growth, creativity, and productivity. With clear goals in sight and a burning passion for storytelling, I am excited to embark on this next chapter of my writing journey. Here's to the next 100,000 words, and many more to come!


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Aug 2, 2023 19:40 by Mochi

Reading that almost made me cry - I am so honoured you thought so highly of Aerawich <3 I strive to create interesting, peaceful, and refreshing settlements for planet Osao, and I'm so glad you felt that when reading! Thank you for making me smile, and I hope you had an amazing Summer Camp :D

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Wow, amazing job done getting a whooping 41 entries done! What a breathtaking achievement and you wholly deserve that sense of wonder and accomplishment!   While Rolara's a relatively new find for me, I've liked what I've read so far, am planning to dive in deeper, and am looking forward to see more from you in the future. We'll all be here no matter your pace though, so I hope you keep with that promise of balancing health and hobby.   And thank you so much for your kind words and the feature of my children's tale. It's been years since I attempted to write a longer, proper piece of fiction, so it makes me really glad to see that so many people enjoyed it.   *Raises glass* Here's to the next 100,000 words, and more!

Aug 16, 2023 17:00

Thank you for reading and recommendating my little piece of lore. I wish you good luck with your word-goal. it is hard and honest work and I'm sure you can archieve it. :)

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