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Loyalty, Laughter, and Long-held Grudges

Among the strange spirits of the Moonwilde, one group other than the reclusive Eladrin knew of paths to the Prime Material Plane. The Fairy people have guarded their small hidden ways for centuries.
  Several centuries prior to the Reignition of the Stars of Power, when both moons aligned, the Fourth Fairy Kingdom established a base in the Elmwood.

Basic Information


Fairies, as a playable species in Rolara, are small, ethereal beings that blend the charm of the natural world with a dash of arcane mystery. Their anatomy is a fascinating blend of humanoid and insectoid traits, making them a unique choice for players seeking a character that is both familiar and exotic.   Standing at a height of roughly 1 to 2 feet, Fairies are one of the smallest playable species. Despite their small stature, they possess a grace and agility that belies their size. Their bodies are slender and lightweight, an adaptation that aids in their ability to fly. Their skin comes in a variety of shades, often reflecting the natural environments they inhabit, ranging from the greens of the forest leaves to the soft hues of flower petals.   Fairies are most recognized for their wings, which are insect-like in nature. These wings, reminiscent of those of dragonflies or butterflies, come in a variety of patterns and colors, often reflecting the individual Fairy's personality or lineage. The wings are not merely for show; they grant Fairies a natural ability to fly, a trait that can be a significant advantage in exploration and combat situations.   Fairies have humanoid faces, with large, expressive eyes that come in a wide range of colors. They have pointed ears similar to elves, a trait that further emphasizes their connection to the natural world. Their hair, which can be any color found in nature, is often adorned with small flowers, leaves, and other natural decorations.   Despite their delicate appearance, Fairies are hardy creatures. They have a natural resistance to magic and certain types of damage, thanks to their fey ancestry. Their small size also grants them advantages in certain situations, allowing them to navigate spaces that larger species cannot.   When choosing a Fairy as your character, remember that their small size and unique abilities offer a different perspective on the world, one that blends the mundane with the magical in a way few other species can. Whether you're darting through the battlefield or using your natural charm to navigate social situations, playing a Fairy offers a unique and rewarding role-playing experience.

Civilization and Culture

Common Taboos

As a player considering the Fairy species, it's important to understand the societal norms and taboos that shape Fairy interactions. These taboos, while they may vary slightly from court to court or region to region, offer a glimpse into the values and expectations of Fairy society.  
  • Betraying the Court:

    In the intricate dance of Fairy politics, loyalty is paramount. Betraying your court, whether it be the Seelie or Unseelie, is considered one of the gravest offenses. This betrayal could take the form of revealing court secrets, aiding an enemy, or switching allegiance without the proper rites. Such actions could lead to severe punishments, including exile.
  • Breaking Oaths and Promises:

    Fairies, despite their love for mischief, place a high value on keeping one's word. An oath or promise, once given, is expected to be fulfilled. This holds true even for promises made in jest or as part of a prank. A Fairy who breaks their word is seen as untrustworthy and may face social ostracization.
  • Spoiling a Good Prank:

    Fairies are renowned for their mischievous nature and love of pranks. However, spoiling a well-planned prank, especially out of spite or malice, is considered poor form. If you consistently spoil the fun, you may find yourself on the receiving end of more targeted mischief.
  • Holding Grudges:

    Fairies may seem lighthearted, but they have long memories. They can hold grudges for decades or even centuries. Forgiving a serious offense without some form of recompense or apology is often seen as a sign of weakness. Similarly, forgetting an old grudge before it's been properly settled could be considered taboo.
  As a Fairy character, navigating these taboos can add depth to your role-playing experience. Whether you're upholding these societal norms or pushing against them, they offer a rich backdrop for your character's motivations and actions.
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