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Order of Spiritual Masters

The Order of Spiritual Masters is a loose affiliation of Rolara-based spellcasters, witches, sorcerers, and wujen. It was founded by Shen Feng Wa, although when Queen Ru Ling convinced the Order and its patron to hide away from the world when the Stars of Power were extinguished, he abdicated his role altogether.
  The mysterious Spiritual Masters were heavenly monster tamers, heroes that the Emperors of Ancient Times called upon. They had the ability to dominate monsters and men alike, and this ability was highly suspect in ancient times. The Ancient Jiao Empire restricted this type of magic under the penalty of being named an Outlaw. The Order would intervene on behalf of the Emperors, however, when monstrous threats required their skills. Ultimately, the monsters tamed by this order were given to their mysterious Patron, the Archfey of Dominion known as Fairy.


The Order of Spiritual Masters has no internal hierarchy, it is a council of equal voices that acts with simple majority. The order acts under its own guidance and motivation, but is totally subservient to a mysterious Archfey known as the Fairy.
Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
Monster Tamers of Lotus Valley
Spiritual Masters
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


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