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Omar Abadi

Scribe of the Sun's Herald Omar Obadi

Physical Description

Special abilities

Omar Abadi's metamorphosis into an imp is a tale as enigmatic as the streets of Al-Zaluma itself. This peculiar ability, which he can only invoke under the cloak of night, is both his greatest tool and his most perilous affliction. As the sun dips below the horizon and darkness embraces the city, Omar can shed his Human form, assuming the guise of an imp—a creature of the night, nimble and unseen.   This transformation, however, comes with a stringent caveat: should the silvery light of either of Rolara's twin moons caress his impish skin, the Magic is undone, and he is abruptly returned to his human form. This vulnerability requires Omar to navigate the nocturnal world with utmost caution, for the moons' whimsical dance through the night sky is as unpredictable as the tides they command.   The origin of Omar's curse—or blessing, as some might argue—traces back to his ventures in the mystical lands of Ofica. It was there, amidst the ancient groves and whispering winds, that Omar's fate became irrevocably entwined with the capricious whims of the fey. In a moment of unguarded curiosity, Omar trespassed upon a sacred glade, disrupting a fey ritual of profound significance. His transgression, though unintended, drew the ire of the fey, who are not known for their forgiveness.   As recompense for his intrusion, a fey enchantress bestowed upon him the imp's form, a guise that would forever mark his nights with the shadow of his misstep. This transformation was not merely a punishment but a lesson in humility and caution—a reminder that some truths, especially those of the fey, are not meant for mortal eyes.   Omar returned to Al-Zaluma bearing the weight of his new reality, a secret etched into his very skin. By day, he is the city's most astute scribe; by night, a spectral figure flitting through the darkness, ever wary of the moons' revealing glow. His ability to change shape has become an integral part of his identity, a tool that allows him to uncover the hidden depths of Al-Zaluma, even as it serves as a constant reminder of the fey's lingering gaze.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born under the golden sun of Al-Zaluma, Omar Abadi’s story began in the heart of a city where the divine and the mortal realms intertwine. His first breath was drawn in a modest dwelling, nestled within the labyrinthine alleys where the scent of spices and the hum of the bazaar were ever-present. The son of a lineage of scribes, Omar’s destiny was inked onto parchment from the moment he could hold a quill.   At the tender age of thirteen, with the restless spirit of youth whispering in his ear, Omar left the familiar embrace of Al-Zaluma. His journey took him across deserts and over seas, to the grandeur of Tatharia Capitolina, the capital city of a distant empire where knowledge was as revered as the gods themselves. Here, Omar’s education flourished, his mind and soul nurtured by the vast libraries and learned scholars. He delved into the art of writing, his words flowing like the fabled rivers of the Tatharian gardens.   As Omar’s skills with the quill blossomed, he sought to apply his craft, leading him to the bustling merchant hub of Shamsi-Adad. Founded by a savvy Zaluman whose name was etched into the city’s gates, Shamsi-Adad was a crucible of commerce and cunning. Under the tutelage of the city’s finest scribes, Omar’s apprenticeship was a tapestry of trade languages, cipher scripts, and the subtle art of reading between the lines—a skill that would later define his unique path.   With each passing year, Omar’s reputation as a scribe of exceptional talent grew, yet the call of Al-Zaluma was a constant echo in his heart. At the age of forty-six, after thirty-three years of travel and toil, Omar returned to his birthplace. The Sun’s Herald, the esteemed voice of the city, welcomed him with open arms. His worldly experience and mastery of the written word made him an invaluable asset, and thus began his tenure at the organization that would become both his shield and his stage.   At The Sun’s Herald, Omar found a new purpose, his life’s travels coalescing into a singular mission: to be the eyes and ears of Al-Zaluma, to document its glories and its vices, and to serve the truth with every stroke of his enchanted quill. His journey, rich with the tapestry of diverse cultures and the wisdom of ages, had led him back to where it all began, completing a circle that only the fates could have drawn.
Lawful Good
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Year of Birth
1480 PE 47 Years old
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