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Corallion's past is a complex tapestry, woven from threads of both triumph and tribulation. Once the seat of the Caliphate under the name Al-Zaluma, the city underwent a profound transformation, its destiny forever altered by a series of pivotal events.   The underwater eruptions of 1523 marked a turning point. These cataclysmic events coincided with the reignition of the Stars of Power and the eruption of the distant Iquasilath, also known as Mount Origin. Far from being a mere disaster, the eruptions led to the formation of the Luminous Lava Lakes, a natural wonder that has since become integral to Corallion's identity.   Another epochal event was the Incursion, a sudden influx of elementals from the Plane of Elemental Water. Though initially causing social friction, the Council of Coral managed to integrate these new arrivals into the fabric of Corallion's society. Over time, the elementals have come to play a vital role in maintaining the city's coral gardens, contributing to its unique ecosystem.   A momentous occasion in Corallion's history was the coronation of Coelidreth Celadan, King of Corallion. Marked by grand underwater parades, the event showcased the martial and artistic achievements of the Sea Elves, dispelling surface-dweller myths of underwater societies as frivolous or inconsequential.   Most recently, the city has shown remarkable resilience in the wake of the 1523 eruptions. Though only three years have passed, Corallion has adapted, its coral architecture and social structures as robust as ever.   Thus, while the Al-Zaluma of today is a spiritual successor to its ancient predecessor, Corallion stands as a living testament to the enduring legacy of the original city. Though separated by miles and differing destinies, both cities remain bound by a shared history, each contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of Rolara.
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Marisalora, Al-Maghraqa (the Sunken), Al-Zaluma (formerly)
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