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Chang Le

Called the "Eastern Heavenly Pureland Chang Le." A Pureland of Karma for Taiyi Zhenren and his disciples. A single pagoda can manifest on another plane where a wu jen intends using the spell Pagoda of the All-knowing Sage.

Localized Phenomena

The sky always looks like the most beautiful sunrise or sunset, yet is never harsh on the eyes, nor does it restrict moonlight. The perfect place for meditation among infinite energies, this pocket of the plane of Karma is a gift from Kano, a place for Taiyi Zhenren and his pupils to meditate away from the world.
Time works strangely for mortals who visit this place. Travelers native to the material plane cease to age while on this plane, and their physical bodies take on a quality similar to their astral bodies. Upon leaving this pocket dimension, visitors roll on the table below to determine the time dilation effect.

Fauna & Flora

It is rumored to be the original home of the Owlpanda, but this isn't confirmed. You can definitely find Owlpandas there, however.


Other members of The Celestial Administration take sabbaticals from work with short stays here.
Alternative Name(s)
Eastern Heavenly Pureland, The Heavenly Palace of the Great Friend of Heaven Taiyi Zhenren
Dimensional, Pocket
Location under
Owning Organization


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