Rodinia Albion I

Albion I

Military action


The Chaos Wars raged across the Kingdom of Albion. These were the events of the Albion I Campaign.

The minions of The Demon Prince tried to help him return to Albion but the work of a small group of heroes called The Fellowship of the Sun stopped his evil schemes and he was banished from Albion for a further thousand years. These times were known as The Chaos Wars.   Huge armies of humanoids under the banner of the Demon Prince ravaged the northern territories of Albion. At the same time the armies of the Easterners launched a huge offensive into Albion's eastern flank. The kingdom was sorely pressed. The Fellowship of the Sun confronted and killed the Demon Prince's first lieutenant, Artenach, former founder of The Knights of the Sun. He had murdered the king and had been masquerading as the sovereign for the last year.   The heroes then completed the complex and dangerous rituals needed to bind and banish the Demon Prince for a further thousand years. The heroes were all knighted by the new king, Jarrad I, and were granted huge tracks of lands in the north east of the country.   Thus ended the Chaos Wars.   Note that this period of History refers to the Albion I Campaign.

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