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Shidoshi Sir Kai of Thistledelve (a.k.a. Master of the North Winds)

Kai is half eastern. When he was born his Father, an Easterner, Sensei Osaka, was a monk at the Monastery of the Northwinds, and his mother was a local servant there. Once he had finished his basic training at the monastery he was sent out into the land to help the people. Although he was still attached to the monastery and they could still call upon his services, if they could find him, some of the monks only return to the monastery once every few years. Kai's father was one of these. When Kai finished his training it had been over 5 years since his father was seen by anyone at the monastery, a worryingly long time.
Kai considers himself a defender of the common people and that no one is above the law. If he considers that someone is breaking the laws to the harm of the common people he will step in, not always in an obvious manner though. He's not above trying to assassinate Lords if he thinks that they are seriously abusing their serfs. He believes bandit leaders should be killed, but not necessarily the bandits themselves, if he thinks that they were driven to it by poverty or some such reason. So in summary, he considers himself much like a Paladin, in that he is judge, jury and executioner, but the methods he uses are totally different in that he believes that the ends justifies the means. He considers himself a bit of an outcast/misfit who is not necessarily welcomed by the common people, but he will do everything in his power to protect them, whether they want him to or not. He will respect and obey the Church and Lords, as long as he thinks that they are doing a good job of looking after the people.  


Kai was a prominent figure in the Chaos Wars, helping to defeat the evil Demon Prince's plans and banish him for a further thousand years. During this time he found his father, who was working as a diplomat for the then Prince Jarrad, with the easterners. He developed his training in the Way and rose to become Shidoshi of the North Winds and the most important monk in Albion. He is responsible for the continued rise in the reputation of the monks and students of the Way in Albion and is a very popular figure with the local populace.
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