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"The World we live on is not our own. Not by a long-shot. People think that they can make it theirs, and that's where Conflict arises."


Residuel has many different landscapes, and it would be impossible to list all of them. It has Ten/Eleven main Countries.  
  • Runia
    Homeland to Elves. Forest, Sun, Moon, Mountain, Ocean, Every Type. They preach equality, and practice Chakran. Runia has a vast ammount of different landscapes, but also its fair share of Forgoer ruins. Though elves are the main species here, other races enjoy it's vast resources such as humans and fae. Runia has a parliamentary system, but still has a Royal family. Runia is under the Remnant Alliance.
  • Jestovia
    Home to Fae, Satyr, and Halflings. The Main religion is Chakran, and Jestovia is under the Remnant Alliance. Jestovia is cautious about letting other races into the country, as many residents are smaller and weaker than races built for fighting. Because of this there are specific cities visitors are allowed to visit, and they may only visit others with extensive permission. Only official floaters may come in without extensive permissions. Jestovia has a Democracy.
  • Aedial
    Home to Humans, the Main religion being Eleatiseam. Aedial has a Monarchy, ruled by the same family for several centuries. Aedial is also the only place on Residuel where Magic can not exist without science merged with it. Because of this, Aedial is very cold to Magic users of any type and usually kill those that are Magic users in their country. Alliance with Thantial. Ongoing adversarial relationship with Magia.
  • Selki
    Home to Humans and Magical Water-Folk Alike, there is not a main religion. This small lone island is not in an Alliance, and chooses to remain Neutral in almost every conflict. Inhabited mostly by Pacifists. Selki has an oligarchy of 3 elected representatives from the people that switch every 4 years.
  • Thantial
    Home to Dwarves and Goblins, the Main Religion being Eleatiseam. Thantial is not very welcoming to others, and it's terrain is filled with thieves and raiders. It's dangerous traveling through the rocky mountainous terrain or Thantial, as anyone is at risk of being robbed. Unfortunately one of the main Trading routes for Western Countries to get to Border passes right through it. Residents have almost completely hollowed out the mountains, and live inside of them in colonies. Alliance with Aedial.
  • Gypsy
    Home to Tieflings and Mountain races, not having a main religion. Under the Remnant Alliance. Gypsy is a fragile country, crippled with debt by Aedial, and its residents are constantly at risk of being kidnapped by Aedialian slave traders. Runia and Preincipal have troops stationed throughout Gypsy to ensure the residents safety, which causes tense relations between Aedial and all countries involved. Many travlers had hard times getting in and out of Gypsy.
  • Border
    The Universal Trading Center, Many different people from very different places come to trade. The permanent residents are very mixed racially and culturally, and usually own shops. There is no Official religion. This country remains neutral in most conflicts, and is not in an Alliance. It has good relationships with almost every country.
  • Preincipal
    A Very Opinionated but equal bunch, there is no official religion for this Country. Much like Border, Preincipal has a strong Market and Trade Center, as well as a culturally and racially diverse residents. A Very righteous country with strong beliefs and morals. One of the few Democracies on Residuel, Preincipal spreads itself thin helping other Countries. Leader of the Remnant Alliance.  
  • Magia
    Home to magic users of all kinds, Magia prides itself on it's powerful magical heritage. Magia's Official religion is Farklianity. Magia is the largest Country on Residuel, and have an extremely powerful Military force, as well as plentiful natural resources. In a way, Magia is like the "America" of Residuel, it's the "ideal" country presented as basically being perfection. Magia isn't under an official Alliance, but has an ongoing adversarial relationship with Aedial.  
  • Prest
    Prest would be the Eleventh Country if it was that simple, however Prest is currently partly a colony from Preincipal. Mostly it governs itself under Preincipal's protection in return for resources, but Prest want's complete independence. Preincipal and Prest are currently working out Independence issues, though neither party is opposed to it.
  • Caustia
  • Caustia is a wild region that houses races like dragonborn, bearkin, and other animal-like creatures. There is no official religion as most people born in the region either don't believe in a religion, or have very diverse beliefs. Caustia isn't under an official Alliance or Government, though it's mostly a faction based democracy. They step into conflict when they decide to fight for one side or not, but other than that they're mostly neutral.
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