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The Rocky mountainside proved harsh travel, as the group of Runian Farmers guided their horse-drawn carts full of Quat and Wheat. There was tension in the air, and though Runians traveling this way traveled in groups of a dozen or so for protection, they were never quite safe. The sky was dimming, and the cargo the group was carrying was worth more gold than almost any Thantalian colony. They couldn't afford to stop, but they couldn't afford to go through the night sleepless either. The Runian guards¬†stood dutifully at their posts as the group settled down to sleep. Before shadows surrounded them and pounced on their unsuspecting prey.   Thantial is one of the objectively worst Countries on Residuel, right next to Aedial. As a writer of the Campaign, I'd like to give you completely unbiased descriptions of these Countries, but Thantial is hard to like. Down to it's corrupt Monarchy, bad morals, horrible treatment of citizens, and some citizens horrible treatment of others, equals out to it being not the best place to live.   Objectivley, Thantial is the main home of origin to Orks, Dwarves, Goblins, and so on. Many of these creatures have hollowed out the plentiful mountains found in the area to mine and live in. The main reasorces of Thantial include Ore and stone, though some mines are more sucsessful than others. Most magical ore there has been mined to nothingness. Thantial constantly tries to break down a particular part of Jestovia's wall to get to a very specific thing; their mine.   Jestovia's mine; known as Eureka Mine; was fought over for years, being on the border of each country, before Jestovia finally built a wall around its entire Country, and took the mine into it's territory. Jestovia and Thantial have fights about it to this day, but Eureka Mine is the most plentiful mine on Residuel. With a seemingly unlimited supply of magical and normal ores alike, magical ores sometimes randomly show up there. Thantalian scientists believe that Eureka Mine was put under some sort of Enchantment by the Forgoers, though they can't place what spell would be powerful enough to do that. It's most likely that is was an act of pure magic, which means the world will never know.¬†   The current Leader is King Thister Noble, who usually overtaxes citizens and executes those who can't pay up on the spot. King Thister is the 12th son in a long generations worth of the Noble Family as Rulers, a family of Dwarves. Thantial currently has an Alliance with Aedial, and is partially always fighting with Jestovia and Runian farmers trying to get their products to Border.


Just ur Average Corrupy Monarchy with the king that's a jerk.

Public Agenda

As unpredictable as their economy.


Magical Ore, Stones, Granite, Marbel, and other materials, so on

Try, and You Shall Receive

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Thieves Terrain
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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