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The Dead-Zone

"Aedial was a beautiful island, with vast meadows and wonderful towns, but it hid the stench of corrupt morals. The people there held tieflings as slaves, many were used on plantations and on fishing charters. These people are not accepting of homosexuality of any kind, or different genders. Women do not have many rights. Inequality rots in the air, and I had the misfortune of witnessing the execution of a 10 year old girl who was discovered as a magic user. I do not recommend visiting this place."      -Ian Truth, Travel, Braster Post   Aedial is an island formed from volcanic activity, and it has a large currently dormant volcano on the north side of the mountain. It has a flat coastal landscape on the edges of the island where all the coasts and beaches are, and a more hill-filled environment towards the center of the island, with a small mountain range. Many meadows and valleys are found within the mountainous center. Most towns are found on the coasts, though some make their homes within the barrier of mountains in the center of the island.   Aedial is located in the Southern Sea, and have access to Saltwater, Freshwater, and Brackish water. For the most part there aren't any main forests on the island, though there are a few near the coasts.   The Capitol City is Sepia, at the Center of the Island, which houses over 70,000 people. It's a major center for trade, as well as religious practice and travel.   The southern part of the Island is mainly reserved for plantations and farms. The farmland is very fertile, and the climate allows them to grow Indigo, Rice, as well as Quat.


Aedial is a Monarchy, with the King and Queen, Prince's and Princess's, Nobility such as Lords/Ladies and Duke/Duchesses, than knights followed by commoners.

Public Agenda

Aedial is not friendly to Magic users or minorities. Many are enslaved, and if they are caught using magic, executed or sent to "Rehabilitation" Camps.


Iron, Coal, Rice, Quat, Indigo, Fish and Whale/Blubber

Pursue Pleasure, Avoid Pain

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Dead-Zone

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