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"A Beautiful Country filled with Magic, forests, and magical beauty unique to only the Fae. It's a delicate place, but the fragile beauty of Jestovia is truly what makes it wonderful."              -Ian Truth Jestovia is home to the fae and other woodland creatures, and almost the entire continent is covered with magical forests. Jestovia, while having many faerie creatues capable of defending others and fighting, houses many fragile and helpless races. Smaller races such as Faeries and Pixies live here, some of which cannot defend themselves.   After the Gypsy War Jestovia became very closed off, and it became the most difficult country to get into. A Magical wall surrounds the Continent to protect from attacks, and Jestovia will commonly request Military protection from Preincipal and Runia.   Jestovia is under the Remnant Alliance, so the Alliance does it's best to help Jestovia. In return for protection, Jestovia supplies the Allying countries with rich magical fruits and ores such as Quat, Heaven Berries, ThistleRoot, Farlium, Avalium, and Hell Iron. These materials make strong weapons and resources, and Jestovia is the only Continent in the world that is capable of growing Heaven and Hell Berries, ThistleRoot, CopperLeaf, and Exploding Corn.


Jestovia has a mix of a Monarchy and a Democracy. The Monarch makes all the executive decisions and ultimately runs the country, but representatives from each district make up the Council under the Monarch, and decide things like Taxes and Overriding decisions.

Public Agenda

Jestovia is a very introverted Country that wants protection and peace.


Magical Ores such as Farlium, Avalium, Hell Iron and Heaven Gold, and Magical Plants such as Quat, CopperLeaf, ThistleRoot, Heaven and Hell Berries, and exploding corn. Magical and regular woods are also readily available.

Favors are Always Returned

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Land of Fae
Parent Organization
The Remnant Alliance

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