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Just two kilometers away from Doorwerth castle lays the village which bears the same name. Situated on a push moraine. South of the rise runs the Rhine river, and north of it the stream Heelsumsebeek, draining water from the higher forested plain Veluwe to the north. Also, the Seelbeek which drains the water from the Duno forest to the Rhine runs trough the woods where Doorwerth lays in.

Forrest around Doorwerth by Ischa1 via wikimedia commons

There have always been people living around this area since the last ice age, with the higher laying land protecting them from the river, fertile land all around and plenty forests. Doorwerth became of a more permanent character after the building of the first edition of the Doorwerth castle and eventually gained the same name as the castle. First the most settlers of the town where the people working in or for the castle, but later that grew and also other services started to arrive. Eventually Doorwerth grew into a logging village. Harvesting wood from the dense woodlands around the village, which where part of the Heerlijkheid Doorwerth.

Founding Date
~10.000 BC earliest people,
~1000 AD start modern settlement
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Buildings of interest
Doorwerth Castle
Distances to major cities
8 km to Arnhem to the east
100km to Amsterdam to the west


The forest on the northern shores of the Rhine surrounding the village Doortwerth proved to be a good source for timber as long as they managed the logging properly. The trees grew tall and straight in that area. Excellent for building. And it wasn't long until foresters settled in the village and the Lords of Dorenweerd saw a stable income from the wood.

Even with the river on the doorstep, all wood was transported by road to the mills, and from there the timber was moved by road to cities like Arnhem locally where it was used, or indeed loaded on ships to go down the Rhine to other parts of the Netherlands.

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wood is used to make stuff

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The coat-of-arms of the village Doorwerth and is a copy of the coat-of-arms of the Heerlijkheid Doorwerth. The municipality of Doorwerth never had an official coat-of-arms but de jure used the same one. The current municipality of Renkum where the village Doorwerth is part of has this coat-of-arms in the third quarter.

Heraldic description of the coat-of-arms: A field of azure with a horizontal bar in or above accompanied by three laying blocks arranged 1,1,1. Below also three blocks, arranged 2,1 all in or.

If there is any meaning behind this coat-of-arms and what that may be is unknown.


Doorwerth used to be well visited by Dutch tourists from the cities in the west who liked to wander the woods. Doorwerth had the first wave generating swimming pool of the Netherlands. With the rise of international travel, tourism has declined and peace and quite has returned to the village and surrounding woods, luring wildlife back into the forest.

Doorwerth castle

Doorwerth castle by Henk Monster via wikimedia commons

Doorwerth castle lays outside the push moraine, in the flood plains of the Rhine river. Founded around 1000 AD by the Lords van Dorenweerd of the Heerlijkheid Doorwerth, at first they used it as a stronghold from which they raided the countryside but after interference by the Duke of Gelre Doornwerth castle became a centre of power in the region. After several years of decline it is now owned by a club Vereniging De Doorwerth who maintain the castle.


Author's Notes

In response to: Summer Camp 2021, prompt 29: An industrial, mining, logging or other production settlement.

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