Capture that ship!


Welcome to this little game, you can play it yourself, by clicking the links and hovering over the consequences boxes. Or you can play it with a player/gm combination. Whatever you want. You need a scrap of paper to keep tally of your Crew Moral and Change of Succes points, otherwise everything is included in this page. Enjoy!

You spotted the price!

Hello good Captain!
You find yourself behind the helm staring down trough your binoculars and you see a nice slow yacht full of drunk tourists. Perfect to be relieved of their coins and valuables!


You've chosen to attack!
Unfortunatly the crew thinks you are a reckless captain without a plan.

  • Crew Moral drops by 7 points.
  • Change of Succes drops by 7 points.
  • Continue to Play out the Attack.

    Check the Weather

    You've decided to look up to the skies and check the weather, that's a good choice captain. After gazing upon the skies, and over the water.

    Roll a six-sided dice!
    Now hunt it down when it falls off your table, or just click the button.
    Oi, you find yourself going against the wind and the waves are too high to go alongside the other yacht. You have to wait for better weather.
  • Crew Moral drops by 1 point.
  • Re-roll for a weather check.
    The wind is okay, but the waves are way too high to board the other vessel safely.
  • Change of Succes drops by 3 points
  • Continue to Motivate the Crew
    There is no wind to push your ship along, but no waves either.
  • Use the engine to push your ship through the water.
  • Pass and wait for better weather, or another prey.
  • If using the engine.
  • Change of Succes drops by 3 points
  • Continue to Motivate the Crew
  • If waiting for better weather or another prey.
  • Crew Moral drops by 10 points
  • Continue to Mutiny

    The wind is weak, but it's do-able if:
  • You hoist some extra sails to catch every puff of wind, to catch them by surprise.
  • You take the slow approach and slowly but surely gain on your enemy, the longer you wait the drunker they'll get!
  • If adding sails:
  • Change of Succes goes up by 1 point
  • If Slow approach:
  • Slowly gaining on your prey will mean your attack will happen at night. Change of Success drops by 2 points
  • Continue to Motivate the Crew
    The weather is perfect! Wind is from exactly the right direction, waves are very low and no hinder at all in a speedy boarding action.
  • Change of Succes + 1 point
  • Continue to Motivate the Crew
    The weather is good. You continue your approach as you planned.
    Continue to Motivate the Crew


    You decided to pass, to let go the fat chicken that was in your sights. The crew thinks you've lost it.

  • Crew Moral drops with 10 points
  • Continue to Mutiny

    Motivate the Crew

    Now you've checked to weather, and found it to your liking. You need to have a chat with the crew.

  • My crew are professional pirates, they don't need a speech, that would only weird them out.
  • You have a small chat with some of the crews close to you.
  • You raise your voice, hype up the treasure on board that yacht, and how easy it will be to take.
  • No speech. Crew Moral drops by 3 points.
  • Small chat. Crew Moral +/- 0.
  • Inspiring Speech. Crew Moral + 3 points.
  • Continue to Flag


    Captain, you are almost on your prey's transom. It's time to hoist the flag! If you do it too early, you might scare the other crew and they will try to run away. Do it too late, and they will see no option to fight. But do it on time, and they will doubt between run and fight, and a doubtful prey makes an easy prey. They may even surrender.
    Roll a six-sided dice!
    Now hunt it down when it falls off your table, or just click the button.
    Oh no! Way too early! The yacht has started their engines, and they make a run for it. Slowly, they gain distance and you lose your prey.
  • Crew Moral drops by 10 points.
  • Continue to Mutiny
    To early captain! Your prey has hoisted an extra sail, but you are on their windward and they cannot outrun you anymore.
  • Change of Succes drops by 3 points
  • Continue to Play out the Attack.
    A bit early, there is chaos on the deck of your prey. They scramble to start an engine, but you are lucky and it won't start.
  • Change of Succes drops by 1 point
  • Continue to Play out the Attack.
    Good timing! As your black flag shoots up, stress engulfs the crew of your prey, and they stand appethic as you get closer.
    Change of Succes + 2 points
    Continue to Play out the Attack.
    Perfect timing! As your jolly roger unfurls on the wind, hands rise among the crew, they seem to surrender, but not all, so confident you board anyway.
  • Change of Succes + 8 point
  • Continue to Play out the Attack.
    Oh, way too late! The fight-or-flight of your opponents tips to fight, as they see no way out, and the crew of your prize pulls out the guns to return fire.
  • Change of Succes drops by 3 point
  • Continue to Play out the Attack.


    Oh no! You've hit a shallow reef, your ship is stuck in the water. And while you try to get your ship free again without creating a leak, you can only watch as your price sails away.


    You've made some bad choices captain, or should I say former captain. The Crew Moral has dropped below 0 points. And have raised a successful mutiny.

    Play out the Attack

    Captain, you've chosen to attack! Depending on what you've steps you've taken, you have hyped up the crew, sneaked up in their blind spot, or made some bad choices. No worries, you can still win this fight! Roll a 1d10, multiply it with the final Crew Moral and Change of Succes. If the result is above 550 points, you have won your price!
    Roll a d10, or click the button: 1d10 and multiply with Change of Succes and Crew Moral
    (dice x Change of Succes x Crew Moral)
    If the result is over 550 points, you have won! If it is lower, you have lost.
    Starting statistics
    Crew Moral 10 Points
    Change of Succes 10 points
  • If Crew Moral drops below 0 points continue directly to Mutiny
  • If Change of Succes drops below 0 points continue directly to Reef
  • Explaining the boxes:
    read aloud
    player action

    Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


    Author's Notes

  • I've never played a (TT)RPG of any kind, let alone made a game. So I hope you enjoyed my effort. If you have any constructive critism please share! and I may update the above.
  • To be honest this was not something I enjoyed, I found it really really difficult to not write about a more specific subject that is story driven. I probably won't do something like this again. (unless I get FOMO for next years Adventure April badge)

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    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    1 May, 2022 11:41

    I failed!!! :=( My first two roll were 2 -_-   That's a fun short CYOA :D

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    1 May, 2022 20:13

    Thank you Amélie

    2 May, 2022 21:59

    Me: "Yay! I rolled a 6!"   The Flag roll: "6 is bad, actually."   Me: "Dangit. =("   It's a bit short, but it's fun!

    Am I my brother's keeper? No, I'm the centre-forward!
    4 May, 2022 19:46

    Thank you Conster. Yes i switched up the rolls a bit :)
    i ran out of inspiration to make more of it to e honest.

    Sage George Sanders
    George Sanders
    4 May, 2022 06:15

    Fun choose your own adventure! I didn't win lol! Nice use of the various tools and css to do all the choices

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    4 May, 2022 19:46

    Thank you george