WorldEmber Update 2020 - We hit 25K!

Hey there, friends!

For this article I am coming at you with a bit more of an OOC, meta style article to discuss WorldEmber. This year I am GOING to hit my goal of 50K even if I die directly afterwards. But, I wanted to explain a few things like "Why on earth do you have so much geographic locations?!" and "How did you get so many likes so fast?"


I am starting with the Likes question because it is quick and easy. I have 12 players in my campaign and all of them want to see me succeed in this WorldEmber thingy. Even if some of them think that gathering likes is counter-productive to writing good content. Either way, I would say don't worry about it at all. As an Enchanter, I am in a different category than the general competitors. So my chasing of likes really only looks good on paper and doesn't do much for me in the long run!

So much Geographic

Okay, so, in Ravare (The setting.) there are 10 Elements that make up the foundation of the entire Cosmos (We didn't want to use Universe, I don't know why.) Eventually there may be more but I have enough on my plate for now. The list is as follows:

  • Air (Also represents: Wind, Flight, Wisdom, Travel, Seeking, Freedom, Emptiness)
  • Decay (Also represents: Rot, Contamination, Sickness, Filth, Poison, Cancer, Stagnation)
  • Earth (Also represents: Rock, Dirt, Ores, Gems, Metal, Sand, Gravel, Mud)
  • Fire (Also represents: Heat, Pain, Chaos, Energy, Destruction)
  • Ice (Also represents: Frost, Order, Cold, Crystals, Stillness, Timeless)
  • Life (Also represents: Growth, Plenty, Flora, Fauna, Hunger, Energy, Healing, Safety)
  • Light (Also represents: Radiation, Ghosts, Skies, Space, Celestial)
  • Shadow (Also represents: Darkness, Hunt, Venom, Death, Undeath, Silence)
  • Storm (Also represents: Power, Chaos, Quakes, Blizzards, Destruction, Seasons)
  • Water (Also represents: Seas, Depths, Chills, Force, Pressure)

Each Realm within the Cosmos is made up of 2 of these Elements. This is why we have 45 of the damn things. My goal by the end of WorldEmber is to have at least the 20 of these at the 1.5K word mark to properly explain what is going on.
The hardest part is that the primary setting is Ravare, the Plane of Abundance. This realm has been purposefully sectioned off from the rest of the Cosmos by an unknown entity or organization. This is to protect it from all the bullshit, but why this makes things complicated is none of the players nor my NPCs would know about these realms.
"So why write them?", you may ask. Well, dear reader, for the Season 2 of my Campaign (Focused on Haven.) the wards that have kept Ravare from the rest of the cosmos have been slowly degrading away through the direct actions of Lord Tennant, our God of Portals. Unfortunantly, Tennat doesn't actually know what he is doing so he has started just opening rifts in time and space to connect to these other realms. These realms are now leaking in on purpose or sometimes on accident. When they get here, they see how bloody nice abundant (Hence "Realm of Abundance".) it is with the resources and go back to their own realm saying things like, "Wow. We could rob these people blind. They know nothing about how the cosmos works."

How do I end this?

Anyways, thanks for reading all the way to the bottom and PLEASE take the time to go look at some of our Realms. We have been working hard to make all 45 feel unique. They are pretty rough right now but by the time I send out this article again, they will likely be pretty awesome!

Thanks, Oneriwien.

List of Realms by Element

Hover over links to get more information, I know there names are hard to understand without knowing some Latin! Not all 45 will be listed here as 3 have been made private to protect my players from spoilers! Speaking of spoilers, I couldn't put the following in spoilers because tag filters use | which breaks spoilers.











Cover image: by Damion Otter


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7 Dec, 2020 19:17

Congratulations on 25k! You can do it! :D

7 Dec, 2020 22:31

Thank you so much! Stuff like this keeps me going!

Author of Ravare.
7 Dec, 2020 23:14

By the way, I enjoyed hovering over a bunch of articles to read excerpts like 'staaaaaaaaaars' and 'I'm running out of ideas'. I truly believe that one day they'll all be beautiful articles and we'll have only memories of the asides. :D

8 Dec, 2020 00:30

I honestly had more fun writing stuff like "There is little in the way of sophonce in the realm, but that does not seem to bother the fish." than the actual lore. But I cannot wait to add pictures and such. Just gotta' get the right Unsplash images together!

Author of Ravare.
7 Dec, 2020 21:40

I absolutely sympathize with this sentiment - my setting has 80 world 'layers' to it, and I've kinda had to accept that I'll be a long time before I have something interesting written for every one. Good job on the push for 50k - you're on the road to success!

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7 Dec, 2020 22:32

Ooooh fancy! Got any articles on how to friggin' organize that mess? I am at a loss on how to present 45, let alone 80, things on a page without it looking like a scary list!

Author of Ravare.
7 Dec, 2020 23:14

You could make header articles/categories for each individual element, where each header article has links to the nine combinations it participates in (even if they do overlap with others). That way, no matter which element a reader approaches a region from, they'll always be able to reach it from the header article. I'm not saying that it would be an easy method to make more words to reach for that lofty 50k as well, but that's also true :D   What you have going on here kind of reminds me of those interconnected D&D cosmology maps - maybe something like that would be handy here? My setting has a similar issue too, where every 'layer' is the product of two separate environmental influences that can appear in every other combination as well. Honestly I've been relying pretty heavily on an overall map in order to keep everything straight for presentation purposes.

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8 Dec, 2020 00:27

We actually made a full constellation map to help us plot out where each one is. It's a bit funky and currently beyond a Patreon Paywall (Because it is... Not the greatest aahhahaha) but it helps us write the stuff.   I might just make a page for element yeah. That sounds awesome. Category sounds like more work than my soul wants ATM

Author of Ravare.
8 Dec, 2020 05:10

This is all so incredible, and the sheer amount of work you've done and still have to! Grats on getting 25k, keep going! Can't wait to read more.

8 Dec, 2020 05:13

Thank you so much! I will probably be throwing a mini-party here soon cuz I realized we will be hitting 400K TOTAL words. (Not for WorldEmber) SOOOO HAPPY.

Author of Ravare.
8 Dec, 2020 10:46

Gods, thats a lot of places. And I thought I was making my own life complicated. I absolutely believe in you, I'm sure you can make it to the 50k!! Good luck!

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8 Dec, 2020 17:33

I am just glad I have a few friends holding me back. "NO, Oner, you DO NOT need to write every continent for every realm. Keep it short." Hahahahaha

Author of Ravare.
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