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Hobson Harrow (a.k.a. Ragglebones)


Born Hobson Harrow, Ragglebones is one of the few people in existance capable of saying that their death has been far more interesting than their extravaggent life. Born into the once elite Harrow Family of Seawatch, Hobson would go on to become an expert historian specialized in taking history in his hands and forcing the secrets out of it. This was mostly done through extensive and dangerous levels of necromancy.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Though Hobson was never a planned child, the Harrow Family were quick to nurture and care for the boy. As a group effort, the family spent much of their resources making sure the child was set to take over as Patriarch as soon as his father died. Coin was thrown at his education, labor thrown at his private home, and blood drawn from anyone who meant to end the heir to the Family.


As an adult, Hobson decided he did not wish to settle down and run the criminal family his Great-Grandfather had founded so many years ago. Instead, much of his time was spent exploring the Jagged Expanse and large portions of the Stygian Throat. After a few years, he decided it was time to actually make a name for himself and started working for the Shardholm Museum instead of against it.


Hobson would go on to be the Shardholm Museum's most important member and darkest secret. His methods of historical extraction through necromantic magics were frowned upon but allowed to continue because of how effective it was. Eventually, through just sheer output of artifacts he had collected, Hobson was made a Knight of Shardholm. This knighting, however, was never written down officially so that it would eventually fade away.


During one of his many adventures deep into the Jagged Expanse, Hobson died. The accounts claim that Hobson was attempted to bring back an ancient priest of some kind when he instead awoke several Unfallen scattered about the ruins. They ate him before he had any time to react while his newly resurrected priest looked at him in shock before fading away as well.


To his surprise, Hobson was resurrected as one of the few Sentient Unfallen within Haven.
To find out more, why not ask him through Heroes!


Ragglebones, during his time as Hobson Harrow, was educated at the Academy of Wizardly Arts. He took a special interest in necromancy and the various ways it could be used to recover ancient knowledge. Especially that of First Men origin. He was eventually expelled for resurrecting old teachers to help with his studies.
As the Unfallen known as Ragglebones, he has learned far more than he could during his brief life. But unlike when he was alive, Ragglebones has no interested in sharing this knowledge and seeks it just for personal gratification. And to help Lady Death wherever he can.

General Information

7 43 50 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born unplanned, but well received.
Circumstances of Death
Eaten alive by Unfallen of his own creation.
Current Residence
Somewhere wandering around after the Depthdelver Party.
Long rotted away.
Bald since 13th of Fall.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Nothing left but a clean, skeletal frame.
90 pounds of bones.

Quick Notes

  • Ragglebones is a guide for the Depthdelver Party.
  • Ragglebones, now an Unfallen, really hates the living.


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