A species of cursed sponge found along the shores of the twisted city Shoal'Ghnu,? and utilized as an instrument by the Kub-Glorrha.?  

Alien Audio

Found off the coast of Shoal'Ghnu, fehabages are sponges twisted nearly beyond recognition. The porous holes found across their now sickly-grey-green forms are fewer and farther between, yet those that remain are deeper, and ridged. A faint purple light seems to emanate from these holes, yet dissection of the instrument reveals no source for this light. Fehabages are simultaneously firmer and more pliable than regular sponges. If hit with one, the victim would think they were assaulted with a rock— yet fehabages are still easy to squeeze and twist.   When squeezed, twisted, and poked, one can produce sounds both alluring and terrifying from the instrument. The fehabage requires a skilled hand to play adequately, as it is unlike any other instrument. Unskilled play can be dangerous, as favorable sounds are much more difficult to produce than horrifying ones. These horrid sounds may draw unwanted attention towards the player, and in some cases may endanger them. As the Kub-Glorrha are extraordinarily rare sights in Qet, their instruments are similarly alien to most of the world's denizens.  

Mired Music

A Lliaqeu? woman once became enamored with a fehabage played by a travelling Kub-Glorra. She insisted on buying it from the stranger, and happily brought it back to Lliaq? to present to her friends. Her unpracticed hands, however, produced sounds that terrified those who had gathered to hear it, as well as the neighbors. Accused of witchcraft, she was forced to flee her home that very night. She would isolate herself in the desert afterwards, where she attempted to learn the instrument on her own. She was unable, and instead used it to scare away any would-be visitors— save for one.   The Kub-Glorrha who had given her the fehabage would seek out the woman, after recognizing descriptions of the instrument in tales that spread throughout the country. She would teach the woman, and the two would grow inseperable— playing their beautiful music together in the desert. Some Lliaqeu children learn of the woman as a fearful fairy-tale, where she is depicted as a man-eating monster that plays music to lure victims into her lair. Of course, very few ever learn of or even encounter the Kub-Glorrha or their instrument.


Author's Notes

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4 Aug, 2022 02:14

What a unique idea for an instrument. I love the tale at the bottom as well; it’s so beautiful.

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Garrett Grace Lewis
4 Aug, 2022 05:05

Thank you, I figured the concept for this alongside a bunch of other instruments I'm hoping to write articles on eventually, too!

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