The Wall of Sinners

I'm sorry, I am so, terribly, sorry. Please— let me free! Forgive me! Hear my cries...please. I can do naught but plead with my eyes— for my tongue is like stone.
— A forgotten sinner's thoughts
  The Wall of Sinners, a great spiraling monument, is a terrifying reminder to all the Kub-Glorrha of what may happen to them should they go against law. It towers above the city of Shoal'Ghnu, near the obelisk in the city's center.  

A Permanent Fixture

The wall is made of a strange, rubbery blue stone with a metallic sheen. It keeps a consistent width of 13 ft. as it curves and twists upwards, like a ribbon, spiraling 1300 ft. into the air— each ring smaller than the last as it rises. Along the inner and outer faces of this are what appear to be numerous statues of Kub-Glorrha in various painful positions. These are no statues— but living beings. Each statue is a sinner— a Kub-Glorrhan that has sinned by way of defying their god, Ytnolshola by worshiping another, refusing to pray, or by going against the word of Aeol.  
  Each is affixed in a painful pose, exactly how terrible this pose is depends on the severity of their sin. One who refused to pray for a week only may find their ankle broken, while a worshiper of another deity will find their fingers snapped, skin flayed, and their remaining limbs torn into pieces.   All of this pain is felt the same as it would the second their injuries occurred. Sinners are immortal, without death or rebirth. They cannot move, speak, or avert their eyes— and their minds will never cease to function, leaving them trapped in eternal pain and suffering.
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Several have tried to free sinners from their misery, with fists, swords, stones— even explosives.   Priestesses have attempted to utilize their knowledge of eldritch magics to somehow undo a sinner's curse, or simply kill them.   For each, this merely ends in their own imprisonment.

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