Average Kub-Glorrha Household

Twisted and cursed like the warped people that dwell within, the average homes of the Kub-Glorrha are much unlike the dwellings of other cultures.  

Before the Fall

Before the land was cursed, homes were often round two-story stone structures. Stone stairways placed opposite the entrance allowed for access to the top floor, which acted often as the sole partition within. Wealthier, grander homes would have more floors rather than being wider and partitioned into rooms.
  Large oval windows with a single wooden bar in the center are placed high on the left and right sides of each floor. These allow light to spill in, and hot air to flow out.


The bottom floors would contain cooking supplies, a fire pit would typically stand in the center— around which a circular stone table with small stools would sit. Cupboards and pots along the walls would contain needed supplies. Chests and other storage would often be here as well. There would often be a a soft bench of sorts along the opposite side of the wall.
  The second floor would house beds— often short wooden frames with mattresses made from bags stuffed with reeds— some seating, and often a desk or table with an accompanying seat. Baths— large stone basins— would be placed outside.
  Along the walls of each room would be carved slots in which to place candles and lamps. Within this room would be some image of their deity— Ytnolshola.

Nigh Unrecognizable

Once cursed, the once grey stone which made up the homes turned a strange metallic purple hue with blue-flecked striations throughout. The bricks all seem to be made of boiling liquid— their surfaces ever changing when inspected closely. This strange material is always— no matter the time of day or year— hot to the touch. Just enough to elicit pain— but not injury or burning.
  Many homes appear to have wilted— their top floors bending sideways as if they were melted wax. Others have had sections sink several feet into the ground, some now stand diagonally, even.
Interiors of homes never stay the same. While entrances are fixed, everything else within will shift often— sometimes as frequently as one blinks. Floors can swap places, or even intertwine, stairs will point the wrong direction or lead downwards from the bottom floor. Those who have ventured down these stairs find themselves trapped until the stairs return.
  Furniture will be rotated, flipped, and even bent every which way. Bed frames can take on the properties of cloth and collapse with a single touch, lights will flash strange colors— and what food remains is often poisoned or twisted unspeakably.
Parent Location
Why don't we stay out longer, friend? I tire greatly, and do not wish to return to that strange labyrinth of a home quite yet. I need more energy to face it.
— A Kub-Glorrha commoner

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