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"You know I can't say I've ever seen a wyv-"
— The author would like to inform the reader that this sentence was cut off by the unfortunate timing of the speaker being eaten by a wyvern. It was rather shocking.

A Screech on the Wind

  Capable of incredible silence in their movements despite their size, wyverns are sleek and quick. Their speed makes them a perfect ambush predator, only leaping out and snatching their prey into their jaws at the last possible second. Their hide is tough, though not as tough as their dragon cousins, and they are just as likely to use their long, agile tails to snatch up prey as they are to use their mouths.   Found in a variety of locations across the Eight Lands, wyverns are notorious for their high pitched screech that they make upon catching their prey which can be heard for miles. Though it's believed that they do this as a deterrant for nearby creatures, it may also be just for the sheer enjoyment of it, as they do not use this screech to communicate with other wyverns. Instead, they seem to communicate via low chittering sounds, almost as if two rocks are being knocked together in their throats.  

A Scratch on the Walls

  Unlike their dragon cousins, wyverns do not possess any kind of weaponized breath. They utilize their razor sharp claws and the powerful muscles of their wings to rip and crush their prey if necessary, though they have a fondness for the five rows of incredibly pointed teeth along their jaws as well.   Not all wyvern encounters end in death, however. There are at least three recorded instances of wyverns being friendly towards people, though what might prompt this kindness is unknown. One of said instances involved the wyvern croaking out the name "Winston", leading the group who had met it to assume that this was it's name. The wyvern, who could not write their name or speak any other words, could not confirm this.
Wyvern by Theiket (via MidJourney)


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We stan Winston the wyvern.   Nice overview of the species. The quote made me laugh.

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