The Warding Wood

Home of Woodland Creatures, Mundane & Magical Alike

The Clear Canopy

The Warding Wood holds many a lighthearted tale and a dark story alike, as the Wood spans nearly half the country of Bihulling. The Wood speaks a raucous tale themselves, as those who enter them can easily find themselves entranced in their journey, often finding answers to questions that they didn't think they had before that moment.   The Warding Wood is aptly named, as they not only protect and foster those who enter, but those who seek to defile their land or those with evil intent often find themselves spending more time than they thought within its bounds, as the Wood works to slow their actions against the good folk of the world. The Wood is in a constant state of flux, with subtle movements occurring every few moments; a tree turning slightly, raising or lowering a branch, or stretching their roots out the smallest amount more.  

Footsteps Across The Leaves

The Wood holds many creatures within its bounds, anything from small twig-like creatures to giant spiders that are ready to push you to the ground and wrap you in their silk. Not all the creatures in the Wood are dangerous, in fact, most aren't. The largest creatures to walk the Wood are gentle, kind, soft, and friendly; the simple Wood Otters.   The Wood provides for the animals lovingly, nurturing each new animal that enters it, as well as doing its best to care for the ones who get injured by either fellow animal or by man.  


During the longest night of each year, the sapient trees of the Wood gather in a clearing and celebrate their continued nurturing of the Wood. Some creatures are lucky enough to stumble upon these trees during the night, and the ones that do gain a blessing of the Wood.   A blessing of the Wood is a simple affair, it brings the animal closer to the Wood, allowing it to better aid them and keep them healthy. Each creature with this blessing will have a ring of brown fur, hair, or skin around its neck to represent the gift given to them.
The Warding Wood
by Theiket (via MidJourney)
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