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Amber Runemuse

This small creature is one that would seem more akin to a fawn more than a predator, but make no mistake, it is a deadly one.
— The Poacher's Publication on Predators

Colours in Conflict

  Named for its appearance, this small four legged creature is one that is commonly underestimated. With skin like a shark, it feels smooth in one direction and sharp in the other, and when threatened the spines that cause this effect prick up, making it seem almost puffy. Despite its small stature, the Amber Runemuse is quick, strong, and incredibly violent when attacked. Its power comes from its corded musculature, clearly defined underneath its spiny skin.   The Runemuse is built with tall and strong legs, and a head resembling that of a very sharply defined wolfhound, and within its jaws you'll find two rows of sharp teeth with a total of eight particularly large canines. Its paws are three toed, each with a sharp claw peeking out of them along with a saw-tooth inside edge.   As violent as they are, Runemuses are also somewhat community based animals, having their burrows in a small area with others nearby in case of danger. Runemuses are known to attack one another if provoked, but will largely not attack one of their own kind.  

A Threat in Reality

  The Amber Runemuse gets part of its name not from its colour but from the patterns that appear on its hide as it grows up, forming shapes that are nearly runic words of power. Because of its patterns and colours, the Runemuse is quite beautiful to admire from afar, but if one gets close and appears as a threat, you will very quickly become the newest meal for the creature.   The creature is quick to defend itself, even to only perceived threats, and is among the mostly highly regarded trophy by poachers if they can manage to cleanly kill one. Some hunters have spent days perched in trees trying to find a Runemuse that pauses long enough to get a good shot off on.
10 years
Average Height
0.5 meters
Average Weight
Average Length
0.9 meters
Geographic Distribution


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