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Wood Otters

The friendliest creatures in the Wood

"These massive creatures are found almost exclusively in the Warding Wood and are very friendly. While you wouldn't want to make one angry, they are very personable and are generally happy to greet people they come across. Just don't have any sunflower seeds on you, or they might attack..."
— An excerpt from The Traveller's Tome of Travesty

Fluffy & Friendly

Known for their personability, wood otters are fantastic companions and are easy to train, should you desire to. Many wood otters live peacefully in the Warding Wood, keeping to themselves and taking care of their cubs.   Wood otter families generally consist of upwards of five cubs and their parents, with the mother and father taking care of the cubs until they're grown. Once the cubs are grown, they venture off by themselves to find a mate and create their own otter family.  

Bark, don't bite

Though wood otters heavily resemble their smaller cousins, their fur has taken on the appearance of tree bark, in colour only, presumably as a camouflage mechanism. Their large bodies would make hiding in small burrows impossible, and so they camouflage themselves as logs or other fallen wood.   Wood otters generally eat fish and other aquatic animals like crabs, crayfish and frogs. They do, however, supplement their diet with some plant life and the occasional small mammal or bird.
Wood Otter
40 years
Average Height
2.5 meters
Average Weight
Average Length
4.5 meters


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